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Ranch Roasted Potato Wedges

45 min




10 ingredients or less

One-bowl / one-pot

Baked and roasted potatoes are a classic side dish, and make for a great carrying device for delicious dips and spreads. The ranch seasonings on these potatoes gives a tasty "cheesy" flavour.



45 min


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35 min

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  • 3
    medium potatoes
  • 1 Tbsp (15 mL)
    vegetable oil
  • ¾ tsp
    dried parsley
  • ½ tsp
    dried chives
  • ¼ tsp
    garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp
    onion powder
  • ⅛ tsp
    dried dill
  • ⅛ tsp
  • 1 pinch
    ground black pepper

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  1. Line two baking trays and preheat the oven to 390°F (200°C)*.
  2. Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise, then cut into wedges about ½ inch (1 cm) thick. Transfer to a large bowl.
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients and toss to coat.
  4. Spread the potatoes out over the baking trays.
  5. Bake for 30 - 40 minutes, or until golden. Give the potatoes a flip once at the halfway point. Enjoy!


  • * We used top and bottom heating (not fan-assisted/convection).


  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • Reheat in the oven to retain crispiness.

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Discussion & Rating

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Aileen - April 27, 2024, 3:41 a.m.

So delicious! I am obsessed with PUL Ranch Mix, so I just sprinkled some onto the oiled potatoes. It made this recipe a quick one. They paired perfectly with the PUL Vegan Black Bean Burger my husband made us for dinner. Yum!

PUL Team - April 29, 2024, 8:13 a.m.

Mmmm love this, Aileen! Thank you 🤤

Nicole Mostofa - Feb. 20, 2024, 11:10 p.m.

Cooked it in air fryer on air fry mode for 20 minutes at 400 F. Delicious.

Sandra H. - Feb. 12, 2024, midnight

These are so good!!!

Theresa - Jan. 11, 2024, 9:56 p.m.

So how much of the ranch dip mix that you have here in the app would we use?

PUL Team - Jan. 12, 2024, 12:31 a.m.

Hey there, Theresa, are you talking about the vegan ranch spice mix (… If so, you can use around 1 tablespoon of the mix for 3 medium potatoes 😊

Barbara Maguire - Dec. 30, 2023, 8:57 a.m.


Danielle - Dec. 5, 2023, 8:36 p.m.

These potatoes were simple to prepare and eat. I doubled the spice mixture because I added in broccoli and cauliflower. It was very tasty.

PUL Team - Dec. 5, 2023, 10:24 p.m.

Yay! Were so happy that the potatoes were enjoyed, Danielle, thank you🙌

Maryann Hreha - Aug. 8, 2023, 1:54 p.m.

Can I use parsnips instead?

PUL Team - Aug. 9, 2023, 2:19 p.m.

Hey Maryann, we imagine you could!

Aria B - June 16, 2023, 1:39 a.m.


Laetitia M. - June 14, 2023, 8:53 p.m.

Awesome… and so simple!

Martunia - March 27, 2023, 8:57 p.m.

Absolutely delicious! I had the potatoes for Sunday breakfast. A wonderful treat 🥰

Kristin - June 16, 2022, 4:56 p.m.

These were really nice! I ate them with guacamole 🤤

PUL Team - June 17, 2022, 7:41 a.m.

So glad they were enjoyed, Kristin!

Gill S - July 10, 2021, 4:25 p.m.

These were amazing! Loved the ranch dip aswell

Shea - June 29, 2021, 10:11 p.m.

Do you thing that this recipe would work well with radishes instead of potatoes?

PUL Team - June 30, 2021, 3:46 a.m.

Hi Shea! We haven't tested it out, but imagine it could if you kept a close eye on it in the oven. Since radishes are more bitter than potatoes, you may also want to add more spices based on the taste as well :)

Cris S - June 5, 2021, 5:31 p.m.

These are soooo good! I could make them again and again and eat entire trays! That cheesiness is so awesome! 🤤

PUL Team - June 5, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

Ahh so lovely to hear, Cris, we enjoy this one as well 😍

Louise Magnusson - April 24, 2021, 1:41 p.m.

Oh dear, these potatoes are delicious 😋.
The spice mix fits incredibly well, especially the herbs. Actually, these potatoes remind me of a very common flavour combo for crisps in Sweden: sour cream and onion🤔😯. I guess it’s the nutritional yeast that provides the “fatty umami” sensation. Almost better flavouring than salt alone😉😂

PUL Team - April 25, 2021, 1:07 a.m.

Thank you for the glowing review, Louise! So happy that you enjoyed the potato wedges 😍

Arcanja Chincuamba - April 19, 2021, 4:56 p.m.

The ranch mix can be replaced by another seasoning? I don't find it in my city.

PUL Team - April 20, 2021, 5:48 a.m.

Hey there, Arcanja! You could try making ranch mix with our recipe or use other spices that are accessible and you enjoy the taste of. If you're interested in the ranch mix recipe, you can search for it on the website 🙂

Arcanja - April 22, 2021, 3:22 p.m.

Many thanks for your quickly reply😊