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Discover new plant-based recipes every day

You will never run out of delicious vegan meals with our huge collection of plant-based recipes, all expertly crafted to nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds.

  • Access over 1100 recipes with over 700 app-exclusive ones
  • New exclusive recipes are added every weekday

Take control of your nutrition

With our innovative nourish system, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs on a plant-based diet.

  • Plan and track your nourishment visually
  • In-depth nutrition info for all recipes
  • Add your own recipes + analyze their nutritional content
  • No need to track macros or count calories

Meal planning just got personal

Take the guesswork out of plant-based nutrition with personalized meal plans from our nourish system. Developed with dietitians, our nourish algorithm generates personalized meal plans to ensure that you're meeting the latest recommendations in plant-based nutrition science.

  • Unlimited meal plans that perfectly meet your needs
  • Suitable even if you're a pro athlete or pregnant
  • A highly customizable system to help craft your perfect meal plan

Master the art of plant-based cooking

Transform yourself into a vegan chef with our easy-to-follow recipes that are broken down into simple steps.

  • A supporting photo for each step
  • Easily see which ingredients you need per step
  • Custom timers to notify you when a step is done

Make grocery shopping a breeze

Get organized and save time with our easy-to-use grocery list feature, which keeps all of your items in a single place.

  • Add each recipe's ingredients to your grocery list
  • Easily add your own custom groceries
  • Groceries are organized per grocery store section


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How much does the Pick Up Limes mobile app cost?

We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions, each with a one-week free trial. If you're in the US, the cost is $3.99 per month or $32.99 per year (saving you 30% yearly). We also adjust our pricing based on geographical location to accommodate for different economic conditions. For instance, in India, the subscription is just $1.20 per month or $10.28 per year. See the subscription page within the app for the price in your region.

Can I use the Pick Up Limes mobile app on multiple devices?

Yes, all the devices linked to your Apple or Google Play ID can use the same subscription. While most features such as Nourish plans, grocery lists, recipes, items, and favourites are shared between devices, kindly note that if biometric data, such as height or weight, is added to an account on one device it will not be shared between devices (or anywhere) for privacy reasons.

Is the Pick Up Limes mobile app only meant for those who are plant-based or vegan?

While the Pick Up Limes mobile app is tailored for plant-based lifestyles, it's designed so that it can be enjoyed by all. This includes an abundance of carefully crafted recipes, cook-along features, Nourish planner, nutrition information, and a grocery list generator. For those who prefer private non-plant-based items on their profile, the app allows manual additions, although please note that personal items cannot currently be included in personal recipes. To enhance user experience, we're actively exploring exciting features like a barcode scanner to streamline adding personal items, plus a way to automatically populate nutrition information from personal items into personal recipes. In the meantime, we hope that if you do choose to include more plants in your life, our recipes and nutrition information help you feel more confident in doing so ☺️

Are subscriptions auto-renewed?

Yes, subscriptions auto-renew but can be canceled at any time in the Pick Up Limes mobile app setting or through the app store. Kindly note that canceled subscriptions will remain active until the subscription end date. We aim to continually improve the app and welcome any feedback [email protected].

Is the Pick Up Limes mobile app available on Android?

Yes! The Android version of the Pick Up Limes mobile app is now live on Google Play.

I'm allergic to nuts/gluten, do you have any recipes for me?

Absolutely! By visiting our recipe index page you can filter based on your allergens or intolerances. The common allergens that can be filtered out are soy, peanut, tree nut, sesame, and gluten.

Can I gift the Pick Up Limes mobile app?

Yes, you can! Simply follow the steps described here.

How does the Pick Up Limes mobile app determine how many colourful Nourish orbs I need in a day?

The daily Nourish goals - indicated by the colorful Nourish orbs - are determined by energy requirements which are auto-calculated based on your biometrics (weight, height, age, etc.). Our nutrition team determined the relationship between the orbs and energy requirements through a rigorous review of plant-based literature and an in-depth numerical analysis of thousands of meal plans. To override the suggestions and customize orbs to your preference, you can input custom energy requirements, or input a manual target for the orbs. You can also hide the Nourish orbs from appearing in the meal planner in "nutrition settings" if desired

Do I have to count calories or track nutrients?

Absolutely not! We believe that focusing on numbers can harm our relationship with food. Instead, our philosophy is to Nourish the Cells and the Soul. If desired, rather than tracking numbers the nourish orbs can provide a general structure to promote nutrient adequacy in plant-based lifestyles. We recognize that everyone is different, though, and to support a positive relationship with food, the Nourish Cell and nutrient information can also be hidden on the App.

How many recipes are included in the Pick Up Limes mobile app?

There are over 1000 recipes in the app, including over 600 exclusive recipes that you won't find here on the Pick Up Limes website!

Can I use the Pick Up Limes app if I want to lose or gain weight?

Here at PUL, our goal is to aim for sustainable, long-term lifestyle choices that support our overall health and well-being. We believe that weight is just a number (that commonly changes over time!) and encourage focusing on wholesome behaviours rather than focusing on numbers. The energy recommendations provided in the app by default promote weight maintenance. We advise those hoping to lose or gain weight to work with a healthcare professional, such as a physician or dietitian, for ongoing and more personalized support. Targets provided by a healthcare professional can be inserted into the app if desired.

How can I get customer support with the Pick Up Limes mobile App?

You can contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for app-related questions and support. For help with a specific account, please share your account email, operating system (such as Android), and a screenshot if possible to help us troubleshoot 💌 You can also chat with us and other community members directly on our discord server.

Are new recipes published in the Pick Up Limes mobile app regularly?

Absolutely, new recipes are posted every weekday! We'll also periodically release themed recipe bundles on special occasions.

Visit the support page for more FAQs