Our philosophy

Nourish the cells

It's easy to get caught up in a focus on being healthy. Sometimes, and for many of us, it can become overwhelming and get out of hand. This may lead to guilt, self-blame, and this feeling that we're not enough; not doing enough, not trying enough, not having enough willpower, not being skinny enough, etc.

We may have these thoughts:

  • "I shouldn't have just eaten that...it's so unhealthy."
  • "I said I'd exercise today and I didn't... what's wrong with me?"
  • "I'm going on a detox juice cleanse for 2 weeks... starting today!"
  • "I'm going to meditate or do yoga for 30 minutes every single day... starting Monday."

These intentions are often admirable and pure, but they can also lead to unhealthy relationships with food, activity, and self-care rituals. Remember that we choose to eat nutritious foods and be active because it's considered healthy for our bodies. Is it healthy to constantly give ourselves a hard time for our food choices or for our actions?

We encourage trying to shift the focus towards making conscious decisions that nourish the cells with wholesome food, enjoyable physical activity, and self-care rituals that feel good. Doing it because we genuinely enjoy it and not because we feel like we have to do it.

green juice
Having a nourishing smoothie is something that we do because we enjoy it, not because we have to do it to be healthy.

Nourish the soul

As important as it is to nourish our cells, we encourage giving our soul the same amount of attention. We can do this by occasionally enjoying a treat because we feel like it, and not as a result of using food as a reward or punishment. We can have a meal out with friends because we enjoy spending time with them, even if the food isn't necessarily the most nutritious. Or we can do yoga twice a week instead of every day because we also want to make time to enjoy our other hobbies. Honour that these, too, are making healthy choices and fueling our souls.

Beware of getting caught in the numbers, the strict rules, the 'good foods' vs. 'bad foods' mindset, and the feeling that you are not enough. Honour your decisions by making them conscious decisions. Ask yourself, "does this nourish my cells?" If not, then ask yourself, "does it nourish my soul?" If yes, then continue without hesitation and enjoy!

Keep in mind that compassion is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Have wholesome food, do what you enjoy, and make time for taking care of yourself. Nourishing the cells and the soul helps to nourish you as a whole, and here at Pick Up Limes, that is what we keep dear to our heart.


  1. Nourish the cells: we can fuel our cells by eating wholesome, nutritious, and delicious foods that provide us with an abundance of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. 
  2. Nourish the soul: we can energize our soul by listening to our hunger cues to decide what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.
  3. It's not only honouring our hunger: Participating in movement that we truly enjoy and taking time for our own self-care helps to nourish the cells and the soul.