Ways to make each day amazing

It's common for us to search for ways to make our days better. The solution doesn't always need to be too complicated. Some slight changes to our day to day routine can make all the difference! Here are 10 simple, practical tips to make each day amazing.

1. Create a morning routine

Our morning routine is the series of activities we do after getting out of bed in the morning. It can play a big role in setting the tone for the rest of our day. If we have a calm and relaxing start in the morning, then there's a better chance that's how the rest of our day will unfold. Likewise for if we have a hectic start to our day. What's great about this tip is that we can fill our routine with whichever activities we feel are the most meaningful to us. Here are some ideas:

  • Enjoy a warm beverage
  • Read a few pages of a book
  • Go for a light walk
  • Try some light stretching or yoga
  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Journal
  • Make and enjoy a wholesome breakfast
  • Play some enjoyable music

Feel free to pick and choose a few activities from this article to create a morning routine. We've also got a free printable healthy morning checklist for my inspiration!

2. Pick up journaling

Pouring down our stream of consciousness by writing words on paper can have several benefits. It reduces stress by allowing us to let go of our thoughts and let them spill onto the page. Journalling also helps us to direct our focus to the present moment and to clarify our thoughts and feelings through self-reflection.

Tip: if writing isn't a good fit, we can get artsy and try doodling or colouring! These creative activities also require the same focus and presence that's involved with writing.

3. Focus on connection

Especially when we feel overwhelmed, we can become so wrapped up in our own to-dos or concerns that we forget to stay connected to our surroundings. We withdraw from other people, from nature, from things outside of our little "bubble".

When we begin to pay attention to our surroundings, we might notice that there’s a lot going on in our world worth noticing and appreciating. A stranger holding the door open for us. The smell of the air after a fresh rainfall. A friend sending a message to connect. Birds chirping outside the window.

We're social beings, so it's natural that feeling connected to other people, to animals, and to nature, is critical to our happiness.

4. Practice gratitude

Writing down a list of gratitudes can change something in us. Taking a couple of minutes each day to appreciate the little things can go a long way in helping to boost our mood. When we know we've committed to write down three things that we're grateful for each day, we start actively looking for things to be grateful for. In this search, we find more than we intended. That's the beauty of this practice.

For some extra support or motivation for practising gratitude see our printable gratitude template. When coming up with our gratitudes, we could also say them out loud or leave a section in our journal to write them down. Experimenting with both is a great way to see what works best for us individually!

5. Meditate

This might feel strange or uncomfortable at first, but meditating is a great way to help us become more mindful and aware of the present moment. It can be as short or long as we'd like, and oftentimes, just 5 minutes a day can go a long way.

A 5 senses mindfulness exercise is a nice place to start for those of us new to meditating. Start by taking a deep breath, and simply notice:

  • 5 things that we can see
  • 4 things that we can feel
  • 3 things that we can hear
  • 2 things that we can smell
  • 1 thing that we can taste

Remember, the key is to observe and acknowledge, nothing more. This exercise might be difficult to get a hang of at first, but with practice, it'll get easier and easier. Feel free to try out other mindfulness exercises when ready and pick a few that are enjoyed most!

coconut lemon custard tart
Aside from meditating, there are other mindfulness exercise that we can engage in. For example, mindful eating is another way for us to gain awareness of the present moment! This includes engaging our senses as we're eating to focus on how we're feeling in the present moment.

6. Engage in exercise

Enjoying physical movement can work wonders. Physical activity stimulates our brain to release certain chemicals, helping us feel more relaxed and at ease. Intense cardio or strength-training workouts would do if that's what we enjoy. If intense workouts aren't enjoyed, a 10-minute walk in the park or lighter exercises, such as yoga or stretching, will do the trick.

7. Single-task instead of multitasking

This tip is really helpful if we're feeling exhausted from a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle. Although single-tasking may sound like it's less productive than multi-tasking, there are many benefits of focusing on one thing at a time. When we're always loaded with lots of tasks, getting one task done at a time may help us stay focused and organized. As a result, this can reduce our overall stress. Contrary to popular belief, it can also increase productivity by eliminating the frequent starting and stopping of tasks. It may not be possible to single-task all the time, but whenever possible, we can try to choose single-tasking over multitasking.

8. Try or learn something new

Many of our greatest moments in life are linked to a new experience of some sort. Trying something new can be exciting. It gives us the opportunity to solely focus on ourselves and what we’re experiencing in the present moment. The possibilities are endless. Some ideas could be pottery, photography, rock-climbing, dance, or a language. If we're eager to find a new topic, idea or perspective to explore, podcasts and audiobooks are a great place to start. Some inspiration may be found in our list of PUL favourite books.

9. Spend time with loved ones

Whether it be watching a movie or sharing a meal together, spending time to reconnect with those who we love and care about can have several benefits:

  • strengthens relationship: by engaging in face-to-face interaction
  • increases the sense of mutual need: by sharing our love with others and feeling loved in return
  • reduces stress: by sharing smiles and memories

10. Schedule some me-time

After making time for family and friends, let’s not forget about ourselves! This could be anything that we do to help us unwind and feel refreshed after a long day. Whether it be a bubble bath, a cup of tea, reading, or playing some music, be sure to take some time to do whatever is enjoyed.


Trying some of these 10 ideas in our daily routine can help make every day a wonderful one. It's perfectly okay to experience bad days, though. After all, without the tough ones, it's hard to appreciate the amazing ones. Feel free to modify and incorporate these tips as desired to help turn any day into an amazing one!