Making smoothies more wholesome

There's something about drinking a smoothie that feels like we're instantly nourishing every one of our 37 trillion cells. Here are our 5 favourite tips to pump up the nutrition of smoothies even more! 

1. Nature's candy

Consider skipping added honey, syrup, or sugar. All you need is some of nature's candy: fruit! Not only does it make it sweet, but it also adds fibre, which helps to keep our digestive system in good shape. We usually use frozen bananas as a base because they make smoothies super creamy and frosty. If a banana isn't your thing, frozen zucchini or some coconut milk also helps to make for a creamy smoothie. 

2. Liquid nourishment

Water on its own is hydrating, and coconut water offers loads of electrolytes, but we like to add plant-based milk to smoothies for the added calcium. We often use soy milk, which also adds more natural protein compared to almond or rice milk. If our main focus is calcium though, any plant-based milk fortified with calcium would do. Be sure to check the label, or read more in our PUL article on calcium.

Aim for plant-based milk that offers about 120 mg calcium per 100 mL, or about 300 mg (30% DV) calcium per 1 cup. 

3. Get veggie with it

Adding vegetables is a great way to get in more vitamins and minerals. They're loaded with fibre and a variety of nutrients for all sorts of health benefits. Vegetables like kale, spinach, beets, and carrots are commonly used in smoothies. For extra hydration, cucumbers or celery work wonders.

green smoothie in coconut bowl
Try this delicious mango spinach smoothie recipe! 

4. Oh-omega

Some of us may know the importance of omega-3 fats. If you follow a plant-based lifestyle and don't eat fish, try to get omega-3 from a whole food fat source at least twice a day. Our go-to's are ground flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts. We typically add a tablespoon to a morning parfait, but a smoothie is also an easy way to boost up our omega-3 intake. Using these ingredients also gives the added benefit of fibre!

5. Get nutty

The addition of nut butter can change the taste of smoothies just slightly. Adding nut butter, whole nuts, or even seeds is a great way to add whole-food fat sources and fibre to help keep us feeling full for longer. This is especially helpful if we're always hungry and constantly turn to snacks when we don't feel satisfied. 

We hope you found these tips helpful - happy sipping!


  1. We can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables. They help add flavour, creaminess and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. 
  2. Cheers to calcium. Fortified plant-based milks can be added to our smoothies for a boost of calcium. 
  3. Add some nut butter, nuts, or seeds if desired. These are whole food fats sources and can help us stay full for longer. 

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