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Roasted Cauliflower Lentil Curry

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This curry recipe has got to be one of our absolute favourites. It's so creamy and packed full of warm and inviting spices. It's also a delicious way to use up veggies you've might have in your fridge.



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10 min


50 min

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Roasted cauliflower

  • 1
    medium head cauliflower, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 Tbsp (15 mL)
    vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp (3 g)
    garlic powder
  • 1 tsp (2 g)
    onion powder
  • ½ tsp
    paprika powder
  • ¼ tsp
  • ¼ tsp
    ground black pepper


  • 1 cup (190 g)
    uncooked brown rice
  • 1 Tbsp (15 mL)
    vegetable oil
  • 1
    medium onion, diced
  • 3
    cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 Tbsp (6 g)
    curry powder
  • ½ Tbsp (2 g)
  • ½ Tbsp (5 g)
    ground turmeric
  • 1 tsp (2 g)
    ground cumin
  • 1 tsp (2 g)
    ground coriander
  • 1 tsp (3 g)
    ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp (6 g)
  • 1⅔ cups (400 g)
    canned diced tomatoes
  • 10
    cherry tomatoes, halved (optional)
  • 1⅔ cups (399 mL)
    canned full-fat coconut milk
  • 1¼ cups (225 g)
    cooked brown lentils
  • 2 cups (60 g)
    fresh spinach


  1. Line a baking tray and preheat the oven to 410°F (210°C)*.
  2. Toss the cauliflower with the oil and spices on the baking tray. Roast for 40 - 45 minutes, mixing once halfway.
  3. Meanwhile, cook the rice according to the package instructions.
  4. Add the oil to a large pot on medium-high heat. When hot, add the onion and cook until golden. Add splashes of water if needed to deglaze the pot.
  5. Then add the garlic and all of the spices. Stir continuously to toast for 30 - 60 seconds.
  6. Add the canned tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
  7. Finally, add the coconut milk, lentils, spinach, and roasted cauliflower. Cook until everything is heated through, about 5 minutes.
  8. Serve with rice or naan, and enjoy!


  • * We used top and bottom heating (not fan-assisted/convection).


  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days, or in the freezer for up to 1 month.

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Grains & Starches 17%

uncooked brown rice

Proteins 9%

cooked brown lentils

Fruits & Veggies 74%

medium head cauliflower

medium onion

clove garlic

canned diced tomatoes

cherry tomato

fresh spinach

No significant sources of calcium

vegetable oil

vegetable oil

canned full-fat coconut milk

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Norma Afif - May 15, 2024, 11:33 a.m.

This App is brilliant, I can’t even find the words. The food is so delicious, I may never go out for dinner again!! Keep up the good work, I’m hooked, thank you 🙏

PUL Team - May 15, 2024, 8:47 p.m.

Oh Norma, that's such a huge compliment thank you! I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying it so much— yay to becoming a home chef!

Aileen - May 9, 2024, 6:40 p.m.

Delicious! Loved all the spices and roasting cauliflower ahead of time.

Nicky - May 8, 2024, 7:30 p.m.

I loved it! Clear steps. Very delicious:)

Alex - April 29, 2024, 2:03 a.m.

This is a really delicious, comforting dish! I love all of the spices that are added to this curry, giving it a great depth of flavor. This is a go-to dish when I’m meal-prepping for the week. The flavor continues to develop as it sits. It also freezes very well!

PUL Team - April 30, 2024, 7:13 p.m.

So happy to hear you're enjoying the lentil curry, Alex!

Regina - April 26, 2024, 6:58 p.m.

Maybe I’ve commented on this recipe before, but can I just say how amazing this is? It’s so easy, yet sooo flavourful 😍 I almost always add some kick to recipes, but because the flavour is so rich, this curry doesn’t need any.
AND, it has my husband liking cauliflower again, that’s a great accomplishment 🤣
Love from Apeldoorn 💕

PUL Team - April 29, 2024, 7:42 a.m.

Gosh so happy to hear the curry is being enjoyed, Regina! Hugs to Apeldoorn 🤗

Jennifer - April 25, 2024, 12:47 a.m.

This was so delicious! I didn't have spinach on hand, so I made it without. Looking forward to adding spinach next time.

Eric - April 24, 2024, 12:09 a.m.

Made this for dinner tonight, I opted for the chickpea version. The flavours are fantastic! Definitely going into the meal plan. Thank you for sharing.

Felicitas - April 18, 2024, 12:22 a.m.

I made this for dinner tonight. It was OUTSTANDING!! The flavours are so warm and comforting and it is so nutrient dense!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!

Gen - April 17, 2024, 11:05 p.m.

Hi I’m making this for my home ec practical tomorrow but no matter what I seem to do, the curry is very very spicy and I don’t understand how?? Anyway if anyone could answer my question that would be great thanks

PUL Team - April 19, 2024, 6 a.m.

Hey there, Gen, perhaps it may be your garam masala or curry powder? You can start with smaller amounts and gradually add more to control the spice level. Also, consider balancing the heat with a bit of sweetness from coconut milk or a squeeze of lemon juice. Good luck with your home ec practical☺️

Samantha Fraser - April 9, 2024, 9:23 p.m.

Loved this! Will make again for sure!

Lisa🌻 - April 5, 2024, 12:52 p.m.

My new comfort dish! It’s simply perfect! I never get sick of it!

Emma - March 12, 2024, 12:56 p.m.

My new favorite curry recipe!!

Anika - March 11, 2024, 3:03 a.m.

One of the recipes I have to keep coming back to. So good!!

Cat - March 9, 2024, 4:06 a.m.

This is really delcious! I made it exactly as the recipe says, but I like a little bit of spice so I added 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper and it was spot on!

Mike W - March 9, 2024, 1:20 a.m.

That is an amazing curry! It is going on my weekly meal plan!

Pooja - March 6, 2024, 12:59 a.m.

I grew up in a south Indian, vegetarian household. The concept of cooking curry for me is still very foreign. Yes, not all Indians eat curry 😅 The usual Indian ones take lot of effort and time. While I leave that for my husband to make, I love quick and easy options like these 🧡 This one especially is very comforting and filling. I always top it with some chili oil and cilantro. The left overs are even more tasty. Thank you for making south Asian inspired curries that are more practical to make on weeknights😄

PUL Team - March 6, 2024, 7 p.m.

It's wonderful to hear your perspective, Pooja! We're glad you found this quick curry comforting and convenient for weeknights. Topping it with chili oil and cilantro sounds delicious 😊

Taylor - March 4, 2024, 4:44 a.m.

Delish 😋

Kriss - March 1, 2024, 8:04 p.m.

Loved it!! Super easy, flavour was perfect, just the right amount of each herb. I put mine on arugula and added pappadum.

Alyssa Morley - March 1, 2024, 1:08 a.m.

Absolutely delicious!

katie - Feb. 20, 2024, 2:10 a.m.

Loved this. So hearty & nourishing on a cold winter evening.

Rob - Feb. 12, 2024, 8:10 p.m.

This was so delicious! I couldn't get any spinach today, so subbed it with some cavolo nero which worked nicely. I will use a spicier curry powder next time though as the one I'm trying to use up is just a bit too mild for my taste.

Irina Chukanova - Feb. 11, 2024, 11:43 p.m.

A very filling and delicious recipe! Doesn't require a lot of time of active cooling, which makes it perfect for a busy week and still packs a punch

PUL Team - Feb. 12, 2024, 9:07 p.m.

Yay we're so happy that the cauliflower lentil curry is being enjoyed, Irina!

Katy - Feb. 10, 2024, 7:50 p.m.

This recipe has been a staple in my kitchen for a few years now. I love jazzing it up with whatever I have like bok choy, some chickpeas etc. I cook up the cauliflower in the air fryer to make it even faster.

PUL Team - Feb. 11, 2024, 12:52 a.m.

Ooo love these ideas to change up the cauliflower curry, Katy!

T & C - Feb. 7, 2024, 3:18 a.m.

Delicious! And so easy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Heidi Riis Jensen - Feb. 5, 2024, 5:39 p.m.

Love this

Carla Poot - Feb. 3, 2024, 5:52 p.m.


Mountain Mama - Feb. 1, 2024, 4:04 a.m.

Stumbled upon this when searching for a recipe based on what I had in my fridge. It turned out amazing! I subbed yellow lentils and didn’t have any coriander on hand. Served with cilantro and lemon wedges.

PUL Team - Feb. 1, 2024, 7:17 a.m.

Woohoo! Love that the cauliflower lentil curry was enjoyed, friend, thank you 🫶

Sheena Banane - Jan. 29, 2024, 4:54 p.m.

Love this recipe

Soph - Jan. 24, 2024, 12:53 a.m.


Amanda Paz Herrera - Jan. 23, 2024, 4:28 a.m.

I’ve been making this cauliflower curry for the past five years and we absolutely love it!!! Such a comforting, delicious, and nutritious meal ♥️.

PUL Team - Jan. 23, 2024, 9:38 p.m.

Wow we're beyond happy to hear you've been enjoying the curry for so long, Amanda! Thank you :)

Alex - Jan. 22, 2024, 6:55 p.m.


Stéphanie - Jan. 22, 2024, 6:38 p.m.

My all time favorite curry recipe. The twist with the caulfilower and the lentils make it so hearty, it beats any "classic" curry recipe in my opinion! And super easy to make, a total staple in our house.

PUL Team - Jan. 23, 2024, 5:22 a.m.

Beyond happy to hear that the curry was enjoyed, Stéphanie, thank you! 🙂

Pam C - Jan. 20, 2024, 11:50 p.m.

Christine Allen - Jan. 20, 2024, 8:02 p.m.

Love this! Full of flavour and perfect for winter. I made a big batch to freeze. 😊

Elke Spiessens - Jan. 19, 2024, 6:14 p.m.

Made this a dozen times already, both as a weeknight meal for my family as well as for a dinner party with friends. It's always a smash hit!

Fruzsina Nagy - Jan. 15, 2024, 12:27 p.m.

So nurishing, so good. I have done this a lot of times already 😻
I love it!

Linda - Jan. 14, 2024, 2:17 a.m.

I was very good!

The VB Fam - Jan. 8, 2024, 5:04 a.m.

Delicious, quick and easy!
We get a box of veg called Wonky Box weekly and often need recipes to help use up the perfectly good seasonal veg that isn’t pretty enough for stores. This recipe is incredible for that. Have substituted spinach for any greens and lentils for chickpeas!

PUL Team - Jan. 9, 2024, 7:27 a.m.

Ooo what a lovely weekly box! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the curry, friend 🫶

Edwina - Jan. 7, 2024, 12:03 p.m.

Best vegan curry ever! I have impressed all my vegan friends with this dish, but the kudos should all be yours. Many thanks

PUL Team - Jan. 9, 2024, 6:59 a.m.

Such a huuuge compliment, Edwina, thank you! Kudos to you for making it for your friends 😜

Rebecca - Dec. 20, 2023, 7:27 p.m.

Great recipe. I hadn’t made it in a while and forgot how tasty it is, especially with a squeeze of lemon on top. :)

PUL Team - Dec. 21, 2023, 6:59 p.m.

So glad that the curry was enjoyed, Rebecca, it's so fun to revisit previous favourite recipes 🙌

Carlotta Schmitz - Dec. 12, 2023, 10:52 a.m.

I don't like the taste of coconut, unfortunately. Is there any suitable replacement I could use?

PUL Team - Dec. 14, 2023, 7:43 a.m.

Hey there, Carlotta, the coconut milk helps thicken the curry and adds a delicious creaminess. We haven't tested these out, but possible substitutes could be soy creamer, greek yogurt, oat milk, or cashew cream (soaked cashews pulverized). Let us know if you test any of these out ☺️

Lindsey Roberts - Dec. 9, 2023, 4:55 a.m.

This was my first recipe cooking with the app, and it was flawless! I wanted a few things based on the ingredients I had, but it turned out amazing!

PUL Team - Dec. 9, 2023, 6:50 a.m.

So glad your first recipe on the app was a success, Lindsey! Cheers to more delicious meals together 🤩

Helena Bivar - Dec. 8, 2023, 1:04 a.m.

Excellent! This was my first time cooking along with the app, and it was so easy. And the dish is delicious! I love your healthy and tasty recipes ❤️

PUL Team - Dec. 8, 2023, 7:30 a.m.

Yess - the cook-along mode is one of our favourite features 🙌 thanks, Helena, and happy cooking!

Marion - Dec. 7, 2023, 8:52 a.m.

Sooo tasty ! I'm preparing my post partum meals ;)

Michelle Limbouris Haddad - Dec. 7, 2023, 8:12 a.m.

This was my first recipe using the app. It was absolutely brilliant... The walk through made everything so easy... And it tastes great!

PUL Team - Dec. 8, 2023, 9:57 p.m.

Aw we're so glad that your first recipe on the PUL app was enjoyed, Michelle! Aren't the step-by-step instructions helpful?! Excited to continue this culinary journey together 🤗

Manou - Dec. 6, 2023, 7:09 p.m.

I changed it a bit and used cavalo nero, yellow Bell peper and a sweet potato instead of cauliflower. I also added a tablespoon of mango chutney. It was delicious! I loved the warming flavours!

PUL Team - Dec. 8, 2023, 7:41 p.m.

We're so thrilled that the curry was enjoyed, Manou, thank you! This all sounds delicious 🙌

Justine - Dec. 4, 2023, 8:35 p.m.

Wow. This flavour is delicious! I’m usually a bit underwhelmed by the curries I make at home because I never find the spices to be as punchy as I hope - not this time!!

PUL Team - Dec. 6, 2023, 1:39 a.m.

What a compliment, Justine, thank you!

Nikolett Tóth - Dec. 4, 2023, 12:31 p.m.

Sooo good! I've already made this a hundred times, this is one of my go-to meals whenever I want a warm and hearty meal. It can be easily varied too, and this roasted cauliflower is an absolute love! Thank you for sharing it! 😊

PUL Team - Dec. 5, 2023, 6:37 a.m.

Aww we're so happy that the cauliflower lentil curry is being enjoyed, Nikolett! Thank YOU for the glowing review and support. Happy cooking 🤗

Piotr Łukaszczy - Nov. 10, 2023, 4:39 p.m.


Ellie - Nov. 5, 2023, 11:28 a.m.

First time making curry so I was a little nervous to serve this to some friends tonight, but it was a massive hit! Everyone loved it and it was so easy to make. Definitely a repeat - so delicious. The flavours were incredible and I’m excited to make it again, might add some chilli for a little kick. Thanks for sharing this!

PUL Team - Nov. 5, 2023, 10:08 p.m.

Whoop whoop! So glad it was a hit, Ellie!

Lai - Nov. 1, 2023, 3:17 a.m.

Great recipe! Thank you for sharing! It was a great foundation as I added a few more ingredients to give it a little more spice! 🔥
Thank you again!

Inês Rosa - Oct. 30, 2023, 10:16 p.m.

It’s amazing, for us that don’t like very strong flavoured spicy food, it’s very subtle and tastyyyy.

100% recommend trying ❤️

Carla Poot - Oct. 29, 2023, 8:14 p.m.

Really perfect. Full of flavours, comfort food to keep on eating.
Simple and delicious. 10/10

PUL Team - Oct. 29, 2023, 11:13 p.m.

Yayy we're so happy that the lentil curry is being enjoyed, Carla - thank you! ☺️

Laura Valean - Oct. 23, 2023, 1:44 p.m.

One of my favourite curry recipes!

Moni - Oct. 14, 2023, 5:52 p.m.


Franziska - Oct. 10, 2023, 7:23 p.m.

I feel like I’m repeating myself again and again - but this, too, is a pleasure for your tastebuds. Thank you for yet another great recipe.

PUL Team - Oct. 11, 2023, 8:58 p.m.

We're so happy that the cauliflower lentil curry was enjoyed, Franziska! Happy cooking 😊

Zuzana Vojteková - Oct. 4, 2023, 5:50 p.m.

My all time favourite, the best way to make my picky bubby to eat veggies...simple, quick, yet packed with flavor...simply delicious

Lisa - Oct. 3, 2023, 2:12 a.m.

I loved ALL the seasonings together. This was a quick dish to make on a week day and it didn’t disappoint.

Jillian - Sept. 24, 2023, 10:13 p.m.

The best

Amine - Sept. 13, 2023, 8:14 p.m.

Sooo good 😋

Sarah Allen - Sept. 7, 2023, 8:31 p.m.

One of my favorites!

Julie Jeffries - Sept. 6, 2023, 4:02 a.m.


Krista - Sept. 3, 2023, 2:33 a.m.

I’ve made this several times and it’s always delicious! I usually substitute kale for the spinach.

Kelly - Aug. 27, 2023, 9:37 a.m.

Hi, do you recommend just paprika powder or the smoked paprika powder for this recipe?

PUL Team - Aug. 30, 2023, 8:53 a.m.

Hey Kelly, we used just regular paprika powder :) Enjoy!

Tash - Aug. 23, 2023, 11:58 a.m.

This was absolutely delicious, can see this becoming a regular!

Anne - Aug. 17, 2023, 9:48 a.m.

Said to say this was the first PUL-recipe that I did not enjoy. The amount of tomatoes in it made it lean more to pasta than curry for me. I also did not enjoy the combination of textures. But of course, this is my opinion, and you might enjoy it 😊.

ekam - Aug. 30, 2023, 5:09 p.m.

If you don’t like the tomato flavour, I sometimes do a couple tablespoons of tomato paste and coconut milk (no broth or tomato juice). It helps in a hurry as well!

Sally Ncube - Aug. 9, 2023, 7:40 p.m.

Absolutely loved this curry!! Such an amazing combination of flavours!

Georgia - Aug. 8, 2023, 1:17 p.m.

I cannot recommend this curry enough! It is by far my favourite recipe to make, and my go to whenever I have friends and family over. It is delicious! And very easy and mindful to make.

Desiree - Aug. 5, 2023, 7:48 p.m.

We will make this so we have one portion to eat and three portions in the freezer. This will be our monday dinner ❤️

Andrea - Aug. 3, 2023, 7:55 p.m.

A new staple for us. Love by the first spoonful! Thank you PUL-Team! 💚

Neha - July 29, 2023, 10:28 p.m.

Tasted really nice. Thanks !

Ania - July 28, 2023, 9:01 p.m.

I loved the curry! I actually did not have curry spice at home, but it was still delicious without it! Thank you so much for this wonderful app! I love the step-by-step direction pictures and all the ither features!!!!

PUL Team - July 29, 2023, 1:58 a.m.

So glad it was enjoyed, Ania, and thanks for your kind words! The step-by-step directions are one of our favourite features 😃

Rashmi - July 25, 2023, 10:10 p.m.

Another brilliant dish! I don’t use curry powder and so used Chole masala (used in traditional Punjabi chickpea curry) instead. It lifts the aroma of the dish to a whole new level. Thank you, team PUL for everything you do!

PUL Team - July 27, 2023, 2:39 a.m.

Sounds incredible, Rashmi, thank YOU 😍

Manjula Kamath - July 23, 2023, 3:48 p.m.

As someone who has loved eating dal for almost every other meal, I loved this roasted cauliflower spin! I didn’t have a whole head of cauliflower in my fridge so I substituted half a head of it with halved baby carrots on my baking tray and it turned out super yummy! The roasted carrots add a hint of sweetness that elevates the dish even more. Thanks, PUL team for this recipe :)

PUL Team - July 26, 2023, 9:12 p.m.

Mmm carrots are a lovely idea, Manjula, thank you! 😃

Cyrielle A. - July 21, 2023, 8:52 p.m.

Super good. I didn’t have any cauliflower but I had a rest of manioc and that tastes so good! I’m eating it with Naan and loving it.

Barb - July 20, 2023, 10:58 a.m.

Another cracker of a recipe Sadia and Robyn! Love it!

Nilufar - July 19, 2023, 8:42 p.m.

Used to make this all the time. Amazing !!!!

Caroline Anderson - July 16, 2023, 11:22 p.m.

Absolutely delicious!

Marianne - July 9, 2023, 12:54 p.m.

Had a cauliflower in the fridge so came to this site to search for cauliflower recipes and was not disappointed as it was pretty tasty. Roasting the cauliflower, while a nice touch, does add extra time to the recipe, so if you're pressed for time, I say just add it to the curry unroasted and let it cook with everything else. I only had a 270ml can of coconut so added an extra 130ml of almond milk - a good substitute.

Janelle - July 8, 2023, 11:53 p.m.

Substituted spinich for kale, because our local grocery was out. I initially had a pre-made cauliflower lentil curry and thought it tasted good. Google brought me here, and now I will be trying many more dishes. We aren't vegetarians, but it's nice to mix up and have meatless dinners, especially in summer when our garden is over producing. This will definitely be added to out winter months comfort food list. Thank you incredibly for sharing this recipe!!!

PUL Team - July 9, 2023, 7:07 a.m.

Mmm sounds lovely, Janelle! Thank YOU ☺️

Linda - July 7, 2023, 10:42 p.m.

Love this - keep it in the freezer for those nights we don't feel like cooking - always feel like we are having a "comfort food" meal when eating this - awesome!

PUL Team - July 8, 2023, 9:12 p.m.

Oh this is so lovely to hear, Linda, thank you!

Adriana - July 6, 2023, 1:17 p.m.

Love this for soooo long ❤️

kday - July 3, 2023, 7:53 a.m.

Made this for my Indian friends and they loved it!

Catarina Vallada - July 3, 2023, 12:35 a.m.

Turned out delicious!!
I added some pepper flakes and it gave the dish an amazing kick :)
10/10 recommend

PUL Team - July 4, 2023, 1:46 a.m.

Pepper flakes are a lovely addition, Catarina, thank you!

Izabela - July 2, 2023, 9 p.m.

This was delicious! My 3 year old daughter also really enjoyed it :-)

Nicole - July 2, 2023, 8:56 a.m.


Emily - July 1, 2023, 8:15 p.m.

Lovely receipe ! i served it to whole family including my daughter of 2 for which vegetables are not a given, they loved it. I look forward tasting what’s left of it tomorrow as it will be even more tasty.

PUL Team - July 4, 2023, 1:25 a.m.

Awe so happy to hear, Emily! Sending lots of love to you and your little one 💛

Tischan Seltzer - June 30, 2023, 1:01 a.m.

A very tasty curry with a good depth of flavor for such a short cook time! I used bell peppers instead of cherry tomatoes and broccoli instead of cauliflower because that is what I had on hand.

PUL Team - June 30, 2023, 8:12 a.m.

Mmm lovely modification idea, Tischan! Thank you 😃

Justine Boisclair - June 28, 2023, 8:52 p.m.

Excellent recipe! Very flavourful.

JJ - June 28, 2023, 6:36 p.m.

Elyse - June 27, 2023, 4:23 a.m.

This was amazing! It was my first using the app and the make it feature. It was so easy to follow and helped me keep on time with everything. This is an amazing recipe and love the app!

PUL Team - June 27, 2023, 4:38 a.m.

Oh we're so thrilled to hear, Elyse, thank you! The make feature is one of our favourites 💛

Julia Lenz - June 26, 2023, 9:54 p.m.

Tansholpan Mazhenova - June 26, 2023, 9:20 p.m.

This turned out really delicious 😍

Firebolt - June 17, 2023, 1:49 p.m.

This recipe (almost) single-handedly converted us from meat-eaters to fully plant-based 3 years ago; and continues to be a family favourite. I make it from time to time as much for nostalgia's sake as for its taste and nutrients. :)

PUL Team - June 17, 2023, 10:38 p.m.

Oh this is such a big compliment, Firebolt, thank you! Wishing you all the best on your plant-based journey 🌱

Zuzka - June 16, 2023, 7:41 a.m.

Hi Sadia,

not only this one, but so far all curry recipes are a total hit with my husband - who - if he can skip veggies, he does! So having him say, that this particular curry with cauliflower is the best food he ever ate from me - that is hands down the best review I can give to vegan recipes. I follow you for years and I am hooked on your recipes. Thank you for your work.

PUL Team - June 16, 2023, 5:38 p.m.

Love it when it's a win with the husband! Thanks for your kindness, Zuzka, I'm so glad you're enjoying our recipes 🤗

MD - June 14, 2023, 3:09 p.m.

Delicious. I was able to make it with stuff I had on-hand.

Diana - June 12, 2023, 2:49 p.m.

Very excited about this recipe. We found the spices a bit chalky so will tweak measurements, but otherwise tasty and nourishing.

Ines - June 8, 2023, 2:39 a.m.

Delicious and nutritious. I love it and make it all the time.

Manasi - May 22, 2023, 11:25 p.m.

Hi Sadia,
I have made this recipe more times than I can count. Its a hit with my husband, my friends and especially my elder in-laws too who are most comfortable only with Indian food. So I hope you see this and can answer my question. My query is about use of coconut milk and cashews in vegan recipes and their saturated fat content. Making any vegan dish creamy almost always involves these two. How does regular intake of these saturated fats impact our lipid profile?

PUL Team - May 23, 2023, 9:37 a.m.

Hey there, Manasi, so glad the recipe is being enjoyed! And thanks for the question 🙂

To support an optimal lipid profile, it's typically recommended to choose foods lower in saturated fats and get enough fibre. By choosing plant-based foods, we already exclude several foods high in saturated fats by default, so we believe that it's perfectly okay to enjoy coconut milk and cashews in moderation. Working with a professional, such as a dietitian, is best for personalized support though 🤗 If you'd like to learn more on the topic with some links to research, we have an article at…. We hope this helps for now!

Magda - May 17, 2023, 2:46 p.m.

Best curry recipe ever

Bex - May 6, 2023, 5:57 p.m.

Such a delicious, creamy recipe, great for a rainy day! Warm and comforting and packed with goodness ☺️

Thank you for another wonderful, nourishing recipe 💜

PUL Team - May 6, 2023, 6:35 p.m.

So happy to hear, Bex - thank you 😃

Ewelina - May 2, 2023, 2:58 p.m.

I think this recipe needs higher amounts of all of the spices, plus an addition of at least a pinch of chilli.

PUL Team - May 2, 2023, 7:40 p.m.

Thank you for sharing the honest feedback, Ewelina! To achieve the best flavour, using fresh spices is essential as we talk about in our guide to spices if you may be using older products: Chilli is a lovely addition in any case 🙂

Jack - May 1, 2023, 10:21 p.m.

Really enjoyed this curry, used frozen cauliflower, and kale instead of spinach as didn't have any. Also subbed tikka masala for curry powder as didn't have any of that and used 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 oat milk as didn't want all the sat fat in the coconut milk. Was absolutely delicious and everybody wanted a 2nd helping despite being full! Thanks for the recipe!

PUL Team - May 2, 2023, 1:59 a.m.

Mmm thank you for sharing your experience with the recipe, Jack, thank you!

Ida S. - April 30, 2023, 2:13 a.m.

This is my go to dish when I have guests, and they always ask me for the recipe. So proudly I share the video and all my love for PUL!
Your work and now this app are a true blessing. Thank you for inspiring my cooking everyday and making vegan life easier 😉

PUL Team - May 1, 2023, 3:48 a.m.

Awe we're so happy to hear, Ida, it means so much 😃

Brittany - April 18, 2023, 2:58 a.m.

This is such a warm, comforting, delicious meal. I always add chicken and leave out the cherry tomatoes and spinach. It's become a staple in our home.

C. Victorino - April 15, 2023, 10:23 p.m.

Fave! And I’m not even vegan!

Vidya - April 15, 2023, 2:14 a.m.

This is one of my favourite dishes. I make it almost every other week; its yummy, easy to make, and quite customisable if you have leftover veggies. I made the recipe as is and its great. It also paired really well with babycorn and sweet potato. I added the sweet potato with the diced tomatoes and added some extra water and coconut milk at that point and cooked until the sweet potatoes softened. Thank you for a recipe that doesn't require too many exotic ingredients!

PUL Team - April 15, 2023, 3:46 a.m.

Woohoo! Thank you for sharing your experience with the recipe, Vidya 😃

Julia Dolinsky - April 11, 2023, 2:49 a.m.

Definetly a great recipe. I would say add more veggies. I didn’t add oil to the cauliflower and it was still good. I’m just glad it’s user friendly and didn’t require crazy ingridents I don’t have on hand.

WallsOfLight - April 10, 2023, 7:25 p.m.

This is in my weekly rotation! It's so easy to make, it's warm, and yummy, and the coconut milk pairs so well with all the spices. Every time I've made this for guests, they request the recipe. The only addition I sometimes make is adding a bit of vegetable stock if I've filled it up with extra lentils.

PUL Team - April 10, 2023, 9:17 p.m.

So happy to hear, WallsOfLight, it means so much 🤗

Heather - March 14, 2023, 1:12 p.m.

What a delicious dinner this turned out to be! My family has been enjoying your meals, Sadia, for many years. We are not vegan or vegetarian, but we needed new and unique flavors in our life! LOL! I wanted to add more vegetables and whole grains for all of us, and you have great knowledge of what works best (even tips like making sure to add pepper with your turmeric!) This meal was awesome! My husband loves the veggies in all of your recipes and my kids have vastly expanded their palettes! Thanks so much!

PUL Team - March 16, 2023, 5:33 a.m.

Aw thank you so much for sharing the kind words, Heather, it means so much 🤗

Arnaud Lenoir - March 13, 2023, 4:02 p.m.

Easy to make and delicious ! Friends and family loved it !

Tina H - March 11, 2023, 3:45 a.m.

This meal was so delicious! All the spices work so well together and smelled amazing while cooking! The perfect warm meal for a cool Vancouver Island day!

PUL Team - March 11, 2023, 9:15 p.m.

Thanks, Tina - sending hugs to Vancouver Island 🤗

Warren G - Feb. 28, 2023, 12:06 p.m.

Absolutely delicious! We added a 1/4 Tsp of Indian Chili powder for just a little bit of heat. Thank you for this recipe.

PUL Team - March 1, 2023, 6:01 p.m.

Mmm sounds lovely, Warren 😃

Kerry Cox - Feb. 24, 2023, 10:53 p.m.

Absolutely love this curry. We find it difficult to get good cauliflower recipes but this is so good we can’t seem to move past it. Also freezes well

PUL Team - Feb. 25, 2023, 7:55 p.m.

So glad the curry is being enjoyed, Kerry - thank you!

Martunia - Feb. 22, 2023, 4:14 p.m.

This us the first PUL recipe I have ever tried and I remember thinking if all the recipes are this good don't need any other recipe source. Still one of my favorites 😍

PUL Team - Feb. 23, 2023, 12:48 a.m.

Awe such a big compliment, Martunia, it means so much!

Miranda - Feb. 16, 2023, 5:27 p.m.

I keep coming back to this recipe! The cook along works amazing. I love the app!

PUL Team - Feb. 18, 2023, 5:03 p.m.

Yayy!! So glad you're enjoying the cook-along feature, Miranda! Thanks for sharing 🥰

Verena - Feb. 14, 2023, 8:39 a.m.

Beautiful, delicious curry! We keep making it over and over and it never gets boring. Thank you!

Morgan - Feb. 12, 2023, 6:55 p.m.

I've been making this curry for years and it's still my favorite recipe. I substitute chickpeas for lentils, personal preference. I also wait to put the spinach in until I'm ready to eat a serving, especially since I tend to double this recipe and freeze half. The spinach gets a weird texture once it's wilted and reheated so I avoid that by adding the spinach after I've reheated the portion I plan to eat for my meal. SO so good.

PUL Team - Feb. 12, 2023, 10:05 p.m.

Mmm thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the curry, Morgan, it's so appreciated 😃

Karmen - Feb. 12, 2023, 2:56 a.m.

Huge fan of this dish. I have it on a weekly basis for the best part of the year!

Anna - Feb. 11, 2023, 4:16 p.m.

I looooove this recipe, it was like a hug coming in the shape of a meal, most definitely making this again! The creaminess of the sauce and the mixture of the spices was just divine. So thank you very much, Sadia!

PUL Team - Feb. 11, 2023, 9:04 p.m.

Awe so happy to hear, Anna - thank YOU!

Maxime - Feb. 4, 2023, 9:11 p.m.

Amazing dish, i wish i d known it sooner.

Andrea - Jan. 31, 2023, 3 p.m.

The roasted cauliflower is sooo good! Definitely incorporating it into future dishes.

Chitra - Jan. 29, 2023, 5:41 a.m.

Amazing recipe!

Jemma - Jan. 17, 2023, midnight

I absolutely love your philosophy. "Nourish the cells and the soul." And this recipe does exactly that. I added a little kashmiri March to the cauliflower and a little cayenne to the end gravy and it's just the heat I like. Thankyou for warming my soul.

PUL Team - Jan. 18, 2023, 12:39 a.m.

Oh, Jemma, it means so much! Thank you for taking the time to share 😊

Valentina P Munoz - Jan. 16, 2023, 3:40 a.m.

This recipe is so delicious. And easy to make although I didn't have brown lentils i substituted with black beans which tasted great. I will make this again in the future and look forward to it!

PUL Team - Jan. 17, 2023, 10:56 p.m.

Mmm a lovely substitution, Valentina, happy cooking!

Cathy - Jan. 11, 2023, 6:49 p.m.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes! This one's a keeper and so hearty and healthy! I use so many of your recipes and I have enjoyed all of them! You are very gifted in many ways! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and the community!

PUL Team - Jan. 13, 2023, 7:08 p.m.

Aw thank you for the glowing feedback, Cathy, and for helping make our PUL community so incredible 😃

Kerstin - Dec. 28, 2022, 6:17 p.m.

One of the best vegan curries I’ve ever eaten 😋 we replaced the lentils with green peas … thanks so much Sadia for this great recipe!

PUL Team - Dec. 30, 2022, 7:02 a.m.

A lovely substitute, Kerstin, thank you!

Alexandra - Dec. 26, 2022, 4:51 p.m.

Dear PuL-Team, thank you for your inspiring recipes! We have just cooked and eaten the cauliflower-and-lentils curry, it was delicious and easy. I lacked several spices and had to improvise with those at hand. Anyway, I am looking forward to cook more of your recipes, please keep going. And yes, a hardcover cookbook is be a great idea. Many thanks from Berlin

PUL Team - Dec. 28, 2022, 7:08 a.m.

Hey there, Alexandra! Thank you for your kind words and support - it means so much. Hopefully, in the future, we can share a hardcover cookbook. Lots of love to Berlin 🥰

Joy - Dec. 21, 2022, 8:51 a.m.

Excellent recipe👍👍👍

Jitka - Nov. 29, 2022, 8:11 p.m.

Absolutely amazing!!!

Julia - Nov. 21, 2022, 11:35 p.m.

I've been making this recipe for a couple of years now, always tastes amazing and doesn't get boring!! Thanks Sadia and the PUL team :)

PUL Team - Nov. 22, 2022, 2:55 a.m.

We're so thrilled it's being enjoyed, Julia 😃

Jewels - Nov. 19, 2022, 11:36 p.m.

Sadia, we need a hardback book🙏
Like the ebook but a physical copy, I don't always have my phone when I want to make something. Please can you put out a pole to ask people if they would buy a book.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us 🥰

PUL Team - Nov. 20, 2022, 7:47 p.m.

Thank you for the kind words and support, Jewels! Hopefully one day we can share a physical cookbook 💛

Nicole - Nov. 19, 2022, 9:06 a.m.

Absolutely love this curry! It's my go to when friends come to dinner, catering for vegan and gluten free.

PUL Team - Nov. 19, 2022, 7:22 p.m.

Aw it means so much, Nicole 🤗

Nicola - Nov. 9, 2022, 10:11 a.m.

So warming and filling (yay for leftovers). We enjoyed it and will certainly cook it again!

PUL Team - Nov. 9, 2022, 10:27 p.m.

So happy to hear, Nicola, thank you!

Sigrid - Oct. 19, 2022, 3:54 a.m.

I discovered Pick up Limes just a week ago! This is the first recipe I made and I love it! It’s delicious :) Looking forward to make many more!!!

PUL Team - Oct. 19, 2022, 6:44 a.m.

Aww welcome to the PUL community, Sigrid! Happy cooking 🥰

Johanna - Oct. 12, 2022, 2:43 p.m.

Hey, which vegetable oil do you recommend?

PUL Team - Oct. 12, 2022, 5:55 p.m.

Hey there, Johanna, in our grocery store it's labelled as "vegetable oil" although any mild flavour oil will do. Others could include refined olive oil, canola oil, or melted refined coconut oil 🙂

Cathrine Buhaug - Oct. 10, 2022, 10:20 a.m.

I love it... I served it with oatrice instead of brown Rice. This is my new favorite curry...

I love your receipes. You make it easy being a flexitarian. I have eaten your recipes for over a Month now, no Meat.. And i am amazed by the varaity of dinner options. Nothing is lacking..
Love from Norway

PUL Team - Oct. 10, 2022, 7:39 p.m.

So glad the recipes are being enjoyed, Cathrine, and how exciting about the meatless month! Hugs to Norway 🤗

Hubert - Oct. 7, 2022, 7:09 p.m.

I tried to make this dish this week. My family is not so much into Indian food climates, but believe me or not - my wife and child really enjoyed it! :-) I also find it nutritious and tasty. Yumm!

PUL Team - Oct. 9, 2022, 10:39 p.m.

Aw we're so glad it was enjoyed by everyone, Hubert, thank you!

PUL Team - Oct. 9, 2022, 10:39 p.m.

So glad you all enjoyed it, Hubert, thanks so much for taking the time to share 😊

Olivia - Oct. 6, 2022, 12:57 p.m.

Literally obsessed with this recipe!!

Vidya - Oct. 4, 2022, 5:45 a.m.

Roasting the cauliflower gave such a unique taste to the curry, I loved it! I also added some extra veggies when I made: baby corn and carrots. Overall, it tasted so amazing. And the cherry tomato flavour bombs was a nice touch. It was easy to make too!

PUL Team - Oct. 6, 2022, 4:52 p.m.

Mmm corn and carrots sound like a lovely addition! So glad it was enjoyed, Vidya 🙂

Natalie - Sept. 27, 2022, 6:31 p.m.

I'm a college student in a dorm, so I just used both frozen cauliflower and frozen spinach and it turned out amazing. Super easy to make and only used one pot so it was nice to have hardly any dishes to do. I make your recipes all the time because they are super simple and delicious. Definitely going to be making this again!

PUL Team - Sept. 28, 2022, 8:28 p.m.

So thrilled it's being enjoyed, Natalie, it means so much! Wishing you all the best with your studies 😃

Carol Beharie Ware - Sept. 24, 2022, 6:29 a.m.

Enjoyed your cauliflower lentil curry dish.

Nancy - Sept. 19, 2022, 8:32 p.m.

A gorgeous recipe, so easy but delicious.

Lauren - Sept. 18, 2022, 11:52 p.m.

I’ve made many of your recipes and have enjoyed them all. I’m plant based but my husband is not and my two kids are on the pickier side. This meal was enjoyed by all, which is tough to do! I’ll definitely make again!!

PUL Team - Sept. 19, 2022, 6:23 p.m.

Such a lovely compliment, Lauren, it means so much!

Heather - Aug. 30, 2022, 12:58 a.m.

This curry was so delicious! I made it for my partner and I and he was amazed by this food. We are just starting to eat more vegan, and this was an awesome recipe to add. The lentils paired super well with the spices. So happy I found you guys and this recipe. <3

PUL Team - Aug. 31, 2022, 4:45 p.m.

It means so much, Heather, and wishing you both all the best on your journey with plant-foods 🌱

Lilli - Aug. 29, 2022, 1:18 p.m.

Hi Sadia,

this is my favorite curry recipe there is! I'm not a huge spinach fan, so I just left it out.
All the best from Germany,


PUL Team - Aug. 30, 2022, 3:25 a.m.

We're so glad it's being enjoyed, Lilli! Sending lots of love to Germany 💛

Natasza - Aug. 7, 2022, 10:45 p.m.

Hello, I love your recipes ❤️ they are very well balanced both in taste and in nutritional values. I have a question for this one - is it 1 and 1/4 cup lentils weighted when they are cooked or dry? I cooked 250g lentils in an instant pot and I wasn't sure, but I didn't want to freeze them so I've ended up adding all into the curry ;)

PUL Team - Aug. 8, 2022, 4:18 p.m.

Hey Natasza, thanks for the kind words and question! Apologies for any confusion as well. The recipe calls for 1¼ cups (248 grams) of lentils that have been cooked already. Some enjoy using pre-cooked canned lentils for ease. If cooking lentils, around half a cup of dry lentils will yield 1¼ cup cooked. It's alright if there's more or less in the dish though, we can always adjust the spices to taste if needed 😊

Karen - July 27, 2022, 8:21 p.m.

Another incredible Pick Up Limes recipe. This one might just be our most favourite curry EVER.

PUL Team - July 29, 2022, 2:52 a.m.

Aw such a big compliment, Karen, thank you!

Sonja - July 25, 2022, 7:36 p.m.

Such a delicious dish! It was the first curry I cooked at home and since then it became a stable dish at home :) Even my parents who are in generell no vegans nor vegetarians really enjoy eating it.

Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe

PUL Team - July 26, 2022, 7:43 a.m.

Aw we appreciate it so much, Sonja, thank you!

Valerie - July 15, 2022, 2:40 p.m.

Hello there! My boyfriend and I are far from being vegans but we do like incorporating vegan/vegetarian meals a few times a week. This recipe is by far one of our favorites!!! Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated. :)

PUL Team - July 15, 2022, 3:09 p.m.

We're so happy to hear the curry is being enjoyed, Valerie!

Dana - July 11, 2022, 11:09 p.m.

Can´t wait to try home-made curry for the first time! Any practical advice on how to use the medium tomato instead of the canned diced ones? To boil it first or directly in the curry? To fry it? With pulp or without? Thanks

PUL Team - July 13, 2022, 5:40 a.m.

Hey Dana, you can dice the fresh tomato and use it in equivalent amounts of the canned variety. You'll just want to allow the tomato to simmer for longer to help it break down. If you prefer the recipe to be more speedy, then you could pre-cook the tomato so it breaks down quicker 😊

Rosemary - July 11, 2022, 8:05 p.m.

Absolutely delicious, this has become a regular meal for us. We usually roast the cauliflower during the weekend, which means the curry comes together really quickly for a weekday dinner.

PUL Team - July 13, 2022, 5:26 a.m.

A lovely idea to speed things up, Rosemary, thank you 😊

Charlie - June 28, 2022, 3:20 p.m.

So easy and delicious!

Clare - June 15, 2022, 7:15 p.m.

Love this meal. Such fantastic flavours

Megan - June 12, 2022, 5:14 a.m.

I made this tonight and it was delious!

Cathleen - May 19, 2022, 3:55 a.m.

Delicious, thank you so much for a wonderful recipe! I must confess, I was feeling lazy and contemplated skipping the roasting of the cauliflower step, but I'm so glad I didn't - it added such a wonderful depth of flavour, it was well worth the small bit of effort. This was my first time finding PUL, but I'll definitely be back to try more.

PUL Team - May 20, 2022, 1:04 a.m.

Woohoo! So happy the curry was enjoyed, Cathleen, thank you :)

Jess - May 16, 2022, 4:55 p.m.

I got brown lentils but they're not pre-cooked, I've never cooked lentils before actually, some recipes show cooking them with spices, how would you go about that for this recipe? I also have a rice cooker & instant pot, if I can use that it'll be easier

PUL Team - May 18, 2022, 3:44 a.m.

Hey Jess, we tend to cook lentils without spices and rather add them to taste in dishes while cooking. Either way works, although we'd recommend avoiding salt as adding it beforehand can cause lentils to toughen. In case it helps, we usually use around 3-4 cups of water per 1 cup of brown lentils and cook them on the stovetop for 20-25 minutes. It's generally best to follow package instructions and there are plenty of recipes online as well. We hope you enjoy the curry 😃

Lloyd M - May 16, 2022, 12:29 a.m.

This is amazing, family loved it

Manon CG - May 13, 2022, 9:33 p.m.

This recipe was absolutely delicious and comforting. The combination of spices and textures was just right. I used black lentils as they keep their shape and roasted the cauliflower leaves which added a very nice chewy texture. Thank you for your website - my go-to recipe favourite. 🌻

PUL Team - May 15, 2022, 12:31 a.m.

We're smiling from ear to ear, Manon, thank you for the glowing feedback!

Phillipa - May 7, 2022, 9:13 p.m.

Tried this tonight and absolutely loved it. Being Brits living in Germany we really miss having flavourful spice dishes out and this was very simple and quick. The oven time makes it easy to prepare everything which is a help when you have a little one at home. We always cook our rice in a rice cooker too which takes off some observation time.
Can’t wait to make this for other people the next time we have guests!

PUL Team - May 8, 2022, 7:38 p.m.

Aw we're so thrilled it was enjoyed, Phillipa, sending hugs to Germany 🤗

Sara W. - May 7, 2022, 12:51 a.m.

I've made so many PUL recipes, and they've all been truly great. That said, this one takes the cake! It's definitely the best curry I've ever made and among the best I've ever eaten! Perfect amount of seasoning, well-balanced flavor, and so satisfying.

PUL Team - May 7, 2022, 8:11 p.m.

Oh, Sara, the kind words mean so much! Thank you ☺️

Cork - May 1, 2022, 7:02 p.m.

I’m a beginner cook and this was really easy to make and so tasty!! Absolutely delicious, I loved it! ❤️

PUL Team - May 2, 2022, 3:02 a.m.

So happy to hear, Cork, and thanks for allowing PUL to be part of you cooking journey 😃

Savanah - May 1, 2022, 6:20 p.m.

This is sooo flavorful and a perfect dinner! Thank you for the recipe!

Joanna - April 30, 2022, 8:31 a.m.

I loove all your recipes, but this is just so good! 🤤
Every weekend I meal prep 3 of your recipes so that I can take them to work and I always get a lot of nice comments about my lunch.

PUL Team - April 30, 2022, 10:04 p.m.

Awe we're so thrilled the recipes are being enjoyed, Joanna, it means so much 😃

Adrian - April 29, 2022, 5:36 a.m.

Staple meal prep for me. Swap the optional cherry tomatoes for 1/4 - 1/3 cup raisins. Yes, raisins. You’re welcome.

PUL Team - April 30, 2022, 6:58 p.m.

Ooo interesting idea, Adrian, thank you 😃 We'll be sure to give it a try!

Diana Hall - April 25, 2022, 9:10 p.m.

I have loved this recipe for a few years now. How would you suggest thawing/reheating it once frozen.

PUL Team - April 26, 2022, 4:40 p.m.

Hey Diana, we enjoy thawing this one in the fridge overnight or on the counter briefly and reheating it on the stove on medium power to help evaporate any extra water. If a microwave is more accessible though that would work too 🙂

Jade - April 17, 2022, 11:39 a.m.

So delicious!! 😋

Aisha - April 10, 2022, 3:48 a.m.

This recipe has been routine in my space for at least a couple of years now. Its even become a snack food! Especially on the days that I make it. Before I put it up for the night in the fridge, a couple of tsp/tbsp when I have a little bit of lingering hungry thoughts at night--its the perfect top off. This recipe is so fulfilling. Is so satisfying. Its turned into a little bit of a kitchen sink recipe for me since I enjoy it regularly. Green beans. Fresh peas. Broccoli.This is easy to add a host of proteins to if you want. Just a great recipe. Forever enjoying it.

PUL Team - April 10, 2022, 11:43 p.m.

Thank you for the glowing review, Aisha! It means so much that the curry is being enjoyed ☺️

Diane - March 12, 2022, 5:26 p.m.

My boyfriend and I just made it tonight and we've loved every single bit of it, thanks a million for your recipes !

PUL Team - March 12, 2022, 7:46 p.m.

Beyond happy it was enjoyed, Diane, thank you for the kind words ☺️

Bree - March 10, 2022, 11:26 p.m.

Absolutely delicious!

Leo D - March 6, 2022, 8:52 p.m.

I love this recipe. Have made it many times and will continue too. Anytime I want to eat lentils, this is the recipe I use. Thank you for sharing it 😊.

PUL Team - March 7, 2022, 6:25 a.m.

Awe it means so much, Leo, thank YOU!

Joe - March 2, 2022, 9:13 p.m.

We lost our way being vegan for 5 yrs, eating the same old boring dishes!
Then, I re found your videos on YouTube, made this curry and wham!!! Absolutely delicious! Our senses are reawakened, thank you so much. Absolutely 10/10.

PUL Team - March 2, 2022, 11:35 p.m.

Oh we're so honoured to hear, Joe, thank you for the glowing review ☺️

Dee - Feb. 21, 2022, 9:25 p.m.

So good! I ended up adding extra veggies that i had in the fridge and subbing red lentils for brown to make it thicker and more like a stew. Due to a salt malfunction, i ended up having to add more milk and tomato to to cut the saltiness. But the recipe tolerated it really well and turned out delicious! Super versatile and easy to make and yummy. Thanks!

PUL Team - Feb. 22, 2022, 4:52 a.m.

So glad it was enjoyed, Dee, and thanks for sharing your experience with the curry!

Bekka - Feb. 21, 2022, 8:42 p.m.

Ooooh, that was SO delicious! <3 Thank you for sharing the recipe.

I have been a fan of your work for a long time and really enjoyed trying meal after meal and have always been super happy with the outcome, taste and joyfulness of the process of cooking (not meaning to be a heretic but for me it is similar to meditation).

Please keep up the fantastic work and for the the both of you: stay as wonderful and awesome as you are.

Love and a big hug

PUL Team - Feb. 22, 2022, 4:51 a.m.

Aw, a sincerest thank you for the kind words and support, Bekka - means so much! Sending a big hug back your way 🤗

Levina - Feb. 9, 2022, 1:49 a.m.

It's yummy 😋😋😋 and again the website is awesome, I can switch 3 portion to 4 easily (got too many cauliflower). Love your work, thankyou for having us in mind when making this website. I know it is not easy. The curry is yummy, me and my husband are enjoying it. We never know cauliflower could have such a rich flavor.

PUL Team - Feb. 9, 2022, 2:02 a.m.

We appreciate the kind words, Levina, it means so much! Thank you for the support 🌻

Roxanne Thibodeau - Feb. 4, 2022, 5:25 p.m.

This has become our go-to curry recipe! Love it!

Jule - Feb. 2, 2022, 8 p.m.

This was an awesome dinner I was able to toss together with ingredients I had on hand. I only subbed the spinach with mangold and the cherry tomatoes with sundried oiled tomatoes because tomatoes aren't in season right now. Very warm, umami-packed and cozy. This could become a comfort food in my household. Was served with white rice.

Tip: if your cauliflower comes with the leaves, either save them for a stew or chop them and add.

PUL Team - Feb. 3, 2022, 4:59 a.m.

Mmm wonderful modifications, Jule, and such a lovely tip for the cauliflower leaves!

LibraryMolly - Jan. 26, 2022, 2:41 p.m.

Had it for dinner last night. It was delicious!

Marta - Jan. 24, 2022, 8:49 p.m.

This is one of the best curry I have ever made. I was vegan for a while and used to go to your website for recipes every day.I cooked many recepies from your blog and I loved everything I cooked!
I am not vegan anymore but I cook this curry often as it's absolutely delcious!!!
Thanks Sadia😊🙌

PUL Team - Jan. 27, 2022, 1:33 a.m.

Aw it means so much, Marta, thank you for the glowing review 🥰

Salome von Stolzmann - Jan. 24, 2022, 7:04 p.m.

So amazing. Delicious and Creamy

Tina - Jan. 24, 2022, 10:02 a.m.

I have been cooking this lovely curry for a while now and I love it SO much. I will make it today and try adding red lentils instead of brown ones. Thank you for all the amazing recipes. Love from Germany!

PUL Team - Jan. 26, 2022, 6:10 a.m.

So glad to hear, Tina! Sending the biggest hug to Germany❣️

Dorota - Jan. 19, 2022, 2:52 p.m.

OMG Sadia, I got addicted to this meal!
And once you try and follow the recipe couple of times, it's so easy and fast to make. It tastes very good also as defrosted option (I am on my own, do usually would freeze 2 portions for evenings when I am not in the mood for cooking from scratch). De-li-tious!
Sending big hugs and lots of love to both od you!

PUL Team - Jan. 20, 2022, 1:20 a.m.

Hi Dorota! We're so thrilled the curry is being enjoyed and sending an abundance of love back 🤗

Caitlin - Jan. 15, 2022, 7:16 p.m.

This is a favourite that we cook up so often! It’s such a warm, comforting, nourishing, tasty and quick meal that we enjoy all year round. Thanks so much Pick Up Limes!

PUL Team - Jan. 15, 2022, 8:32 p.m.

Oh, Caitlin, we appreciate the kind words so much - thank YOU 😃

Christine - Jan. 12, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

Wow, wow, wow - this curry is delicious! My husband and I have tried many curry recipes off the internet and this one is by far the best. We didn’t have lentils so substituted cooked chickpeas. Is it a bad thing to want to eat this every night...?? 😋

PUL Team - Jan. 12, 2022, 8:53 p.m.

Awe it means so much, Christine! We're so thrilled the curry is being enjoyed ☺️

Julie - Jan. 8, 2022, 7:21 p.m.

I just live all your curries! They are the perfect confort food for winter evenings. Thank you!🧡

PUL Team - Jan. 10, 2022, 1:58 a.m.

We're so thrilled they're being enjoyed, Julie, thank you 🤗

Katrien - Jan. 7, 2022, 7:28 p.m.

This is the best curry I've ever tried! So many spices and so much flavor!

PUL Team - Jan. 7, 2022, 9:37 p.m.

A huuuge compliment, Katrien, thank you 😃

Amanda - Jan. 7, 2022, 2:26 a.m.

Wonderful, warm and hearty. Everything I want during the cold winter months.

PUL Team - Jan. 7, 2022, 5:49 a.m.

Woohoo! So glad to hear, Amanda☺️

AJ - Nov. 30, 2021, 8:24 a.m.

Delicious !!!

Miranda - Nov. 28, 2021, 12:25 a.m.

This recipe is one of my absolute favorites. I always feel so full and all around happy after having a bowl. I've also tried it with potatoes instead of lentils, and added other vegetables just to test - this recipe is so versatile.

Very tasty. 15/10.

PUL Team - Nov. 28, 2021, 11:02 p.m.

Mmm sounds so lovely, Miranda, thanks for the insight 😃

Yasmin - Nov. 27, 2021, 11:13 p.m.

This looks great! I am very short on time so was hoping to turn this into a one pot meal, do you think frying the cauliflower and then adding tomatoes and lentils, leaving it to cook together will make it taste very different?

PUL Team - Nov. 28, 2021, 11:01 p.m.

Hi Yasmin, that's a great idea to speed up the recipe! The cauliflower may be a tad crunchier but it should still be delicious 😊 We hope you enjoy the curry!

Tim - Nov. 18, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

This was excellent, rich in taste and textures.
I added a dried black lemon (grounded in a coffee blender), which worked perfectly with the other spices and added an earthy sourness.
One that I marked to do again.

PUL Team - Nov. 19, 2021, 1:54 a.m.

Ooo a delicious addition, Tim, thanks for the insight :D

Monika - Nov. 14, 2021, 10:02 a.m.

This curry was soooooo delicious! I put some oven roasted sweet potatoes in there too with cauliflower, amazing. I really liked boiling the lentils and roasting the vegetables in the oven first, because I'm so bad at timing how long all of them will take to cook. Normally some of the ingredients are perfect, some overcooked and some stay raw. But not with this recipe! This will be our favorite from now on for sure! Thank you, Sadia! ❤️❤️❤️

PUL Team - Nov. 14, 2021, 8:48 p.m.

Oh, Monika, we're so thrilled to hear the wonderful review! Thank you for taking the time to share with us 💚

Celina - Nov. 10, 2021, 11:30 p.m.

I made this for my family today and every one loved it! Even my meat loving dad said: "And there is no meat in here? Wow you don't even need meat in this meal". That made me so happy 😊 Thank you Sadia and PUL Team for inspiring me and many others with your amazing recipes ❤️❤️❤️

PUL Team - Nov. 11, 2021, 1:49 a.m.

Hi Celina! Aw this means so much. Thank YOU for the kind words and review ☺️

abc - Nov. 5, 2021, 3:58 a.m.


PUL Team - Nov. 5, 2021, 6 a.m.

Hi Abc 😊 Thank you for taking the time to share the review with us. Do let us know if you have any feedback for the recipe as we'd love to improve and grow if possible!

Alison - Oct. 9, 2021, 7:41 p.m.

The weather is finally starting to become cooler here and I was craving something cozy to make...this definitely hit the spot! I stumbled across your website/this recipe looking for a cauliflower & lentil dish and am beyond happy that I did. It was simple to make, used ingredients that I usually keep in the house already, smelled AMAZING the whole time it was being prepared (enough that both my girls came downstairs asking what smelled so good :) At 6 & 8 this is a HUGE win, haha) and wonderfully delicious & comforting when we had it at lunch. My girls asked whether I could send it in their school lunches...another huge win for this house. Thank you so much! It's definitely going to become a regular for me and my girls! Looking forward to exploring your site more.

PUL Team - Oct. 10, 2021, 12:20 a.m.

Hello Alison, aw we appreciate this so much! Thank you for taking the time to share the incredible feedback and kindness. Sending lots of love to you and your little ones 🤗

Sandra - Oct. 4, 2021, 6:13 p.m.

Made this today for the second time, gosh, this is so so good! I love the roasted cauliflower and the spices mix. ❤️

PUL Team - Oct. 4, 2021, 6:43 p.m.

So happy the curry was enjoyed, Sandra, thank you 😃

Anne - Oct. 2, 2021, 12:14 p.m.

Delicious !

Natalie Smith - Sept. 27, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

Is this spicy? I would like to make this for my family, including 3 young children

PUL Team - Sept. 29, 2021, 6:24 p.m.

Hi there, Natalie! Thanks for the question. The curry does have a hint of spice, which may be strong for little ones. We'd recommend omitting the garam masala or adding it to taste just in case. We hope you enjoy the recipe if you're able to give it a try 🤗

Cecilia - Sept. 26, 2021, 12:17 a.m.

You have seriously outdone yourself here! This curry has the most exquisite flavour of any curry we've ever made. A new staple in our household and bonus points, we can eat it meat-free! Thank you Sadia!

PUL Team - Sept. 26, 2021, 5:47 p.m.

Awe we appreciate this so much, Cecilia! Thank YOU 😊

Rowan Reardon - Sept. 21, 2021, 12:53 p.m.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. Beautiful flavours and such a lovely colour. I've been experimenting with different variations. Tonight I used red lentils, and roasted up half cauliflower and half sweet potato (left out the cherry tomatoes for this one). Stirred in lots of fresh coriander and sprinkled with cashews when serving. Thanks Sadia and team for all the cooking inspo!

PUL Team - Sept. 22, 2021, 4:45 a.m.

Ooo that sounds so tasty! Thank you for sharing, Rowan 😃

Nikki Ashton - Sept. 19, 2021, 7:31 p.m.

I love this dish and make it all the time. So quick and simple to make. Very scrummy!

Tipi - Sept. 10, 2021, 12:29 a.m.

An amazing dish. We are not vegan but we enjoyed it a lot. I was a bit sceptical before adding cinamon but it combined perfectly with the rest of the plate. We loved roasted cauliflower so much that probably will do it as a snack. And for sure will repeat the whole dish in the winter season.

PUL Team - Sept. 12, 2021, 3:03 a.m.

Such a lovely compliment, Tipi, thank you for sharing the kind words 😃

Neil M - Sept. 2, 2021, 9:58 a.m.

Really tasty curry, loved by our household. Easy to make, as I said very tasty and perfect for warming us up during our typical Scottish summer weather☔!
Great with a wee dram.
Thanks for another great recipe.

PUL Team - Sept. 3, 2021, 4:14 a.m.

So happy the recipe was enjoyed by your household, Neil! Hugs to Scotland 🤗

Winnie - Aug. 23, 2021, 1:27 p.m.

I grew up cooking with "just add a can of coconut milk" packet curry pastes and have never really made curries from scratch... until today.

This tasted AMAZING and it was so easy to make! We're not vegan, but we often enjoy a veggie-packed meal three or four nights a week and this will definitely stay in the rotation! This time, we ate it with Malaysian roti, but we will make turmeric rice to go with it next time! So, so so yum.

PUL Team - Aug. 25, 2021, 6 a.m.

Aw we're so glad to hear, Winnie, thank you! Happy cooking :D

Erin - Aug. 18, 2021, 12:53 a.m.

Another amazing recipe!! It is so flavorful and comforting. It's a regular meal in our house. We make a big batch and freeze it for easy weekday dinners.
To keep it low waste, I roast the cauliflower with the stalk and leaves, they become tender when roasting. I also usually roast some potato, broccoli and/or cabbage for a very hearty curry!
When we don't have naan or time for rice, I cook some vegan crepes and they are perfect for scooping up the curry!

PUL Team - Aug. 18, 2021, 5:06 a.m.

Ooo love to hear about your experience with the curry, Erin, thank you! Vegan crepes sound delicious 😍

Noa - Aug. 17, 2021, 9:01 p.m.

I just keep coming back to this curry, it's so good!

Philine - Aug. 8, 2021, 3:07 p.m.

I just cooked this meal and it tasted amazing! It's sunday and my fridge was kind of empty and i used the option to inculde what i have and this great recipe came out and i loved it! I will definitly cook it again. I love the website and all of the clever functions!

Lana - Aug. 7, 2021, 7:43 a.m.

Love this curry. Ultimate comfort food. This curry is what changed my mind about cauliflower. Used to loathe cauliflower, but as Sadia showed, the trick is to roast beforehand. Total game-changer.

PUL Team - Aug. 8, 2021, 9:46 p.m.

We're so thrilled to hear this, Lana, thanks a bunch for sharing 🤩

Linh - Aug. 3, 2021, 3:18 p.m.

I absolutely love this recipe! The spices and ingredients work perfectly together. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Michely - July 29, 2021, 6:13 p.m.

My husband and I love this recipe! It's already a recurring favorite in our house, as it is very filling and the flavors are amazing. Love from Brazil!

PUL Team - July 29, 2021, 11:46 p.m.

So glad you're enjoying the curry, Michely! Lots of love to Brazil 💚

Joy - July 25, 2021, 7:41 p.m.

My favourite go to curry in Winter for the past 2 years.
I've never roasted cauliflower before this recipe and now I can't eat it any other way! All the spices work really well in this recipe.

Christina - July 25, 2021, 6:35 p.m.

This is honestly one of my all-time favorite curry recipes. The spices work so well together, and roasting the cauliflower really takes this curry the extra mile. In my opinion, it also comes together relatively quickly, especially when you've made it a few times. I almost always use frozen spinach in this recipe, which is a little cheaper than fresh spinach (especially in the winter months, when we make this).

PUL Team - July 27, 2021, 5:24 p.m.

Thank you for the glowing feedback, Christina, it's so appreciated! Frozen spinach is a great idea 😊

Meg - July 25, 2021, 4:31 p.m.

We've made this a few times this past year and it's literally the ONLY reason I buy cauliflower. I am usually very bored by cauliflower, but now I get super excited when I buy one because I know it's going to make this amazing dish. It's got a creamy, warm and comforting taste. Highly recommend!

PUL Team - July 27, 2021, 5:16 p.m.

We appreciate this so much, Meg, and are so happy you're enjoying the curry 🤗

Chloe Le Breton - July 24, 2021, 6:32 p.m.

Hands down my favourite curry recipe in existence! You can make some obvious substitutions based on what you have in your cupboard or your preferences, such as lentils for chickpeas etc - but it’s simply perfection! I love the cooked cherry tomatoes in this recipe & this method makes a boatload of curry for the week or for freezing. It takes a little more time than some of the other PUL curries, but well worth it for the deliciousness & bulk of curry that it makes <3

PUL Team - July 26, 2021, 12:09 a.m.

Ahh you're too kind, Chloe! Thank YOU for being here and for sharing the glowing review 🥰

Justin - July 24, 2021, 12:13 a.m.

This is one of my favourite curry recipes, especially during the winter time!

Nicole - July 23, 2021, 12:12 a.m.

I've never made curry before so I was a little nervous but this recipe was so easy to follow! I substituted to light coconut milk and everything came together great.

Sonia - July 22, 2021, 9:03 p.m.

Very nice recipe! We like to make this a lot during the cauliflower season. I do however recommend to keep a close eye on your oven. The first time my cauliflower was burned. I now bake mine at 180C for 30 min. Apart from that, very tasty and also works great as lunch; I then add the rice on top so it does not soak.

PUL Team - July 23, 2021, 5:14 a.m.

Thanks for the feedback, Sonia, we're so glad you're enjoying this one 🤗

Tanja - July 16, 2021, 3:47 p.m.

This is SO delicious! I've already made the curry several times for me and my family :)

Catalin - July 11, 2021, 11:32 p.m.

I noticed that this has been the recipe I come back to the most. No other has brought me so much joy to share with others and I recommend it all the time because it is so warm, filling and wholesome. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing.

PUL Team - July 17, 2021, 2 a.m.

Aww so happy to hear, Catalin, thank you for the review :)

Gillian - July 11, 2021, 9:43 a.m.

Love this recipe! I return to it all the time! Even if you have to adjust the spices a bit based on what you have it’s still always amazing. I also freeze it sometimes.

PUL Team - July 16, 2021, 5:55 a.m.

Love to hear reviews like this, Gillian, so glad you're enjoying it!

Lorraine - July 10, 2021, 1:17 p.m.

J'adore les curry et découvrir de nouvelles variantes est toujours un plaisir ! Même ceux qui n'aiment pas le chou-fleur se laissent tenter et l'odeur est divine

PUL Team - July 15, 2021, 7:44 a.m.

We're so glad you're enjoying the curry, Lorraine, thank you for spending some time to share with us 🥰

Paulina - July 10, 2021, 1:17 a.m.

Love this recipe! Easy, filling, and super tasty. I exchanged the lentils for chickpeas and it's still delicious. Perfect for meal prepping as it holds well in the fridge for 5-6 days.

PUL Team - July 15, 2021, 5:04 a.m.

A delicious substitute, Paulina! Thank you for sharing 🥳

Max - July 9, 2021, 6:49 p.m.

Alright, this is definitely going on my favorites list! Very flavorful and just overall delicious. Mine came out a little liquidy, but it ended up being perfect as the rice soaked it right up. It's a really great way to use up leftover veggies in your fridge too.

Evelina V - July 9, 2021, 1:10 p.m.

This is by far my favourite curry ever. Every time we cook this I'm amazed of how flavourful it is and much we enjoy every single bite. Thank you Sadia and PUL team for sharing 😊
P.s. You did an awesome job with this website. Congrats 🥳

PUL Team - July 13, 2021, 4:47 a.m.

An incredible compliment, Evelina, thank you so much 🥰

CJ - July 9, 2021, 8:15 a.m.

LOVE this recipe! More Indian inspired flavors pls :)

PUL Team - July 13, 2021, 7:18 a.m.

The request is noted down, CJ, thanks a bunch 😃

Dan - July 8, 2021, 11 p.m.

Phenomenal! Tastes delicious and is so easy to make in the middle of a busy week. You have to try this for yourself.

Mynfel - July 8, 2021, 9:53 p.m.

Absolutely love this recipe…now my go to curry. And fantastically the whole family (with some rather fussy eaters included) loves it too. Delicious! Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration x

PUL Team - July 11, 2021, 3:28 p.m.

Ooo one of the best compliments, Mynfel! So happy your family is enjoying the curry ✨

Victoria - July 8, 2021, 9:42 p.m.

This one fell a little short on flavor for me. Maybe it's because we didn't put enough roasted cauliflower in.

PUL Team - July 13, 2021, 4:16 a.m.

Thanks for the honest review, Victoria! It's really helpful to help us improve. Using fresh spices and adding more if desired may help if you give the recipe another try 😊

Pien - July 8, 2021, 6:34 p.m.

Simply the best curry recipe!

Nicole - July 6, 2021, 8:48 p.m.

Is it ok to use green lentils instead of brown? Really looking forward to making this.

PUL Team - July 7, 2021, 7:29 a.m.

Hi Nicole, feel free to use green lentils! We hope you love the recipe 😃

Gill S - June 24, 2021, 11:10 p.m.

This is the best curry I’ve ever had!! It was amazing, I didn’t stop saying wow the whole way through. Absolutely love all your recipes but this is my favourite so far!!

PUL Team - June 25, 2021, 5:15 a.m.

We're so glad you're enjoying the curry, Gill, thank you!

Tiff - June 22, 2021, 6:10 p.m.

This meal has quickly become a favorite in my home. We love it.

Diana te Braake - June 21, 2021, 3:22 p.m.

Ooeh this looks delicious, the only shame is that I can't eat cauliflower! Do you have any suggestions for a replacement veg that you think would go well instead (I can't eat broccoli either unfortunately)? Thanks for the amazing platform you've created, you've really become my go to for yummy wholesome meals.

PUL Team - June 22, 2021, 5:12 a.m.

Thank you for the very kind words, Diana! Perhaps carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, or more spinach are a few ideas. You could also try with any other vegetables you tend to enjoy. We hope you love the curry 😃

Maya - June 6, 2021, 6:46 p.m.

At first I was a bit scared to try this recipe because as much as I love all these spices, I thought it would be quite heavy for me but it turned out to be innnsanely good. It will definitely be one of my go-to's. Thank you so much! And I'd like to add that all your recipes, articles and videos have helped me so much to grow a healthy relationship with food and it showed me how easy and enjoyable it can be. I'm so grateful for you Sadia ❤️

PUL Team - June 6, 2021, 10:10 p.m.

Oh, dearest Maya, this is so incredible to hear and truly means so much 🥰 We're so grateful you've been enjoying the PUL content and have allowed PUL to be part of your journey with food ✨

Carolyn - June 2, 2021, 11:53 p.m.

This is one of my go-to recipes, it’s so delicious! And I love that I always have the ingredients in my pantry so it comes together quickly. Thank you.

Lucia - May 28, 2021, 2:35 p.m.

Very yummy! I didn't have garam masala so I just added a little bit more of the other spices. I also added some red lentils because I didn't have enough brown lentils :) My husband was wowed ;)

PUL Team - May 30, 2021, 7:48 a.m.

Love how you adapted the recipe, Lucia!

Anita - May 24, 2021, 1:50 a.m.

Fantastic recipe! Delicious, light and hearty at the same time! Thank you!

Cam - May 18, 2021, 7 p.m.

A favourite wherever I go! Definitely a go-to recipe. I haven’t had a single person say they don’t like it, even cauliflower sceptics. I love swapping the green lentils for red ones to make it even more hearty!

PUL Team - May 22, 2021, 6:13 a.m.

We're so honoured to hear, Cam! Thank you for the review 😃

Zofia - May 18, 2021, 4:46 p.m.

Great recipe! 😊

Ellen - May 17, 2021, 8:25 p.m.

I made this recipe today for the first time and it was really lovely. A little bit spicy, but perfect for my taste. But maybe I overdid it on the chilli powder :-) I served it with rice, it was a warming and nourishing bowl. Your recipes are always packed with lots of veggies and taste so good, really love them. Thanks so much for sharing!

PUL Team - May 22, 2021, 4:36 a.m.

We appreciate the review so much, Ellen, and super glad you're enjoying PUL recipes ✨☺️

Sadhbh - May 16, 2021, 1:51 p.m.

I've made this recipe more times than I can count. It's my go-to and it never disappoints. Everyone I've made it for always wants the recipe, it's just so good! I seriously can't recommend it enough!!!

Marcia Oliveira - May 13, 2021, 12:50 p.m.

Excellent recipe! I've cooked this curry to my friends, who were very suspicious of vegan food, and they loved it. An explosion of flavours and so easy to make. I've become a fan of roasted cauliflower thanks to this recipe. Thank you for creating and sharing such delicious and healthy recipes!

PUL Team - May 15, 2021, 9:14 p.m.

Ooo we're so happy to hear this, Marcia! So glad you're here with us 🤗

Carla - May 11, 2021, 8:52 a.m.

Great recipe, easy to make, full of flavor. Made it 2 times last week and it has become one of my favs. I ate it with naan bread and the second time I added some cashew nuts for extra crunchiness.

PUL Team - May 12, 2021, 4:35 a.m.

Mmm we love the addition of cashew for an added crunch! Thank you for the review, Carla 😃

Liz - April 21, 2021, 2:15 a.m.

Amazing recipe (haven't tried anything from PUL that hasn't been so far). Thanks for another great one to add to our rotation!

PUL Team - April 22, 2021, 2:54 a.m.

So glad you enjoyed the curry, Liz!

Rachel - April 15, 2021, 5:07 a.m.

This dish is so, so good. Every bite wows me. Second time making this, I added carrots, mushrooms and celery to the roasting pan. We're going to use the leftovers on buns tomorrow and try it as a "curry sloppy joe" sandwich.

PUL Team - April 16, 2021, 10:55 p.m.

Ooh the sloppy joe sandwich is a lovely idea, Rachel! Thanks for sharing 😀

Ivonne - April 7, 2021, 8:20 p.m.

Loved it! My husband said he loved the flavour, but missed something with a bit of crunch. Anything you can recommend? For me it was also the first time ever to toast cauliflower. Should that be the crunch..?

PUL Team - April 8, 2021, 6:13 a.m.

A wonderful question, Ivonne! You could experiment with roasted vegetables (such as more of the cauliflower or adding other types like carrots, peppers, and potatoes). Roasted chickpeas may be interesting to try or perhaps even slivered nuts such as cashews? Another idea may be to try whole seeds, such as coriander seeds or cumin seeds. Since the flavour of whole seeds is generally less concentrated than ground, this may need a bit of experimenting for flavours though! Let us know if you give any of the ideas a try 😃

Ivonne - April 9, 2021, 5:13 p.m.

Thanks so much! Like the idea of cashews or roasted chickpeas. Will let you know when I’ve given it another go 🙏🏻😊.

Nadia - April 7, 2021, 1:11 p.m.

I have to say, this recipe is a winner: easy to make, colourful on the plate and delicious.

PUL Team - April 8, 2021, 6:36 a.m.

We appreciate this so much, Nadia! Thank you 🤩

Jasmine - April 6, 2021, 10:48 p.m.

So excited to try this recipe!! Is there a good substitute that you can give for the coconut milk? I am allergic to coconut and it's byproducts.

PUL Team - April 7, 2021, 3:46 a.m.

Hey Jasmine, that's a great question! The coconut milk helps thicken the curry and adds a delicious creaminess/richness. We haven't tested these out, but possible substitutes could be soy creamer, greek yogurt, oat milk, or cashew cream (soaked cashews pulverized). Let us know if you test any of these out 😀

Jasmine - April 10, 2021, 12:16 a.m.

I tried the greek yogurt. It gave the recipe a tang that needed to be balanced, so I added 1 teaspoon of sugar. The family really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!!

PUL Team - April 10, 2021, 2:37 a.m.

So glad the family enjoyed it, Jasmine! Thank you for testing it out and letting us know :)

Chavara - March 28, 2021, 4:20 p.m.

Just made this, sooo amazing 😍

PUL Team - April 2, 2021, 10:21 p.m.

So happy you enjoyed the curry, Chavara 🤗

Felicia - March 22, 2021, 9:21 a.m.

My favourite curry recipe! So delicious and hearty!

PUL Team - April 2, 2021, 1:51 a.m.

What a compliment! Thanks, Felicia 🤗