Holiday nutrition tips for happy eating

Tip 1: think ahead

When we feel famished, we tend to overeat, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Enjoying frequent meals or snacks makes sure we head into the holidays feeling satisfied. When possible, try having a snack before going to a potluck or get-together. Need some ideas? Try some of our favourites:

Tip 2: taste the rainbow

As commonly mentioned in PUL articles, having a wide variety of foods helps us nourish our bodies with many different nutrients. A fun way to do this during the holiday season is to fill our plate with the colours of the rainbow. There are lots of foods, especially fruits and vegetables, that come in a variety of different colours. At holiday gatherings, see if you can add a splash of each colour to your plate.

Tip 3: sip mindfully  

With any holiday drink, whether it's hot chocolate or alcohol, aim to be mindful of the serving size. Sipping these drinks slowly or putting our cups down between sips can help us enjoy them over a longer period of time. There's nothing wrong with gulping a good ol' cup of hot cocoa, but many of us feel more satisfied when we eat and drink mindfully. 

When purchasing a specialty beverage, consider asking for a quarter- or half-sweetened holiday drink whenever possible. They still tend to be deliciously sweet even with the reduced syrup added in. Alternatively, we could also make our own holiday drinks at home! For some cozy, delicious beverage ideas, try these:

gingerbread latte in mug
Try our vegan gingerbread latte to keep cozy during the holidays!

Tip 4: savour the treats

As much as we'd like to be mindful of our food choices, there are times when we can choose to nourish our soul instead of our cells. During the holiday season, it's likely that we'll see some delicious-looking and smelling holiday treats. It's important to keep in mind that it's okay to enjoy these foods. Having them doesn't necessarily mean that we're making poor food choices.

If we're having foods that add to the enjoyment of the holidays, they're great food choices that help to nourish our soul.  

Tip 5: Enjoy the company 

The holiday season is a time for us to enjoy the treats and meals with family and friends, while also being kind to our body and spirit. Sometimes it might be about the food, but sometimes, the holidays can also be about the people. Try not to get caught up with the food, and instead, take this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Great company and delicious food? Now that's something we can all be grateful for this holiday season. 

Want to learn more?

Intuitive eating is an approach to eating that focuses on being in tune with our body cues related to hunger. Learn more about intuitive eating and download our printable journal for insights on mindfulness, trusting our body signals, and responding to hunger and fullness cues this holiday season (and beyond!).