Vegan Breakfasts Turned PROTEIN-rich

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11 min


3 Mar 2022
In this video, we are going to turn three classic breakfasts into protein-rich vegan recipes! I know from personal experience that those that have just started their vegan journey may sometimes be concerned about getting enough protein. Rest assured, it's actually quite easy to meet our needs with a balanced intake of a variety of foods. If you're looking to learn more about protein and how much we need, check out the resources below for an uncomplicated guide.

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It's a common misconception that meeting protein needs is challenging when following a plant-based lifestyle. Here we'll review the importance of protein, how much we need, and how to get enough.

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Plant-based Protein Sources

Not only is it possible to get enough protein on a plant-based diet, it's relatively easy to do so without having to eat tofu all day long, every day. And the amount you need may not be as difficult to obtain as you may think...