Homemade Granola

quick + easy

1 min


19 Jan 2017
This has become one of our favorite homemade granola recipes. We usually batch make it on the weekend so that we can whip together a quick and wholesome breakfast on weekday mornings. Serve it with fresh fruit, soy yogurt, and ground flaxseeds, or sprinkle some granola on top of your smoothies to make them more filling. Enjoy!

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Image of Crunchy Pecan & Cranberry Granola

Crunchy Pecan & Cranberry Granola

This is one of our absolute favourite granola recipes. We make it all the time! It's a quick one to batch make on the weekend, so that breakfast can come together quickly and easily throughout the week. It's perfect to enjoy with plant-based yogurt or milk, and makes for a deliciously crunchy topping when sprinkled overtop a smoothie bowl.