Carrot Cantaloupe Juice

Happy Easter!

In considering what to make for this festive day, I considered making something with chocolate. But then, I figured that's been done time and time again. And knowing me and my love for chocolate, there will be plenty more chocolate-related recipes coming your way. 

So what other ingredient makes you think Easter?

For me, the answer is obvious: carrots!

I make this juice year-round. Especially when I find super ripe cantaloupe at the market. 

This is a two ingredient recipe for juice. It doesn't get more easy. Or more delicious. 

Carrot Cantaloupe Juice

Recipe PDF

▸ ▹ Vegan, raw, gluten-free, oil-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, nut-free 

Yield: 3 cups 

Prep Time: 10 min 

Total Time: 10 min 



1/2 medium cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, cut into chunks

5 medium carrots, cut into chunks



Place the ingredients one by one through a juicer. Enjoy immediately. It's that easy.

Did You Try This Recipe?

Let me know how it went! Comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #pickuplimes 


❤ Sadia 

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