I Had to Learn a Language in 7 Days

ft. nathaniel drew 🇳🇱

17 min



28 Jun 2021
Moving away from Canada is not something I ever thought I'd do. I moved to the Netherlands for love, but it came with a considerable amount of heartache in missing my family, along with an ongoing nagging feeling that I would need to eventually learn Dutch. I'll say frankly that language learning is not an interest of mine, but in order to be able to continue to stay in the Netherlands, I was required to learn a basic level of Dutch. I was given a generous few years by the government to learn the language, but silly me kept postponing studying. I think in my heart I kept thinking Robin and I would move back to Canada before the deadline approached. But that didn't happen. And the cherry on top: the deadline even got pushed up 5 months, so I had only about 1 week to cram in learning as much Dutch as I possibly could.