PUL E-cookbook 

I'm using an android phone, and the links in the E-book aren't working. Can I fix that? 

You can, simply open the E-book in the Adobe app and you'll be able to click away!

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Is there a refund policy?

Since E-books are intangible and can be downloaded at anytime after purchase, they are considered "used" on purchase, and we cannot accept any request for refunds or exchange. If there was a purchasing error or you're having problems with your download, email us at info@pickuplimes.com and we'll help you get it sorted. 

Can I share this E-book with others?  

We understand you may have decided it to purchase the E-book as a gift, and if so, thanks for thinking to share it! We're honoured. Aside from that, though, no part of this document may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form, by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording or otherwise. You're always welcome to share our website with others, and we offer loads of resources there. We've poured so much hard work and and love into this project, thanks for supporting us with it!

How can I view the pictures side-by-side with the directions, like in a physical cookbook? 

It depends on the program you're opening the E-book with. Usually, there's a tab on the top of your screen called "View". If you click there, there's often the option to view "two pages" or "two page view". That should do the trick!

The "best quality" and "good quality" versions aren't opening on my phone or tablet, how can I access them? 

These file sizes are quite large, simply given the number of photos in the document. The higher quality versions of the E-book are best suited for laptop or desktop computers. The file sizes are simply too large to download for most phones or tablets, even if there is sufficient storage space on your device. This is why we've also provided the document in a phone/tablet friendly format.

Can I have more than 5 download attempts? 

You might find the links indicate you have 5 download attempts, while in fact the number of downloads is not limited. All you have to do is reset the attempts, and to learn how, click here.