PUL E-book Collection

+ 20 Exclusive Recipes

By popular request, we've compiled all our recipes into one centralized place! 

   ○ Over 200 recipes, each with a coloured picture  

   ○ A printer-friendly version available 

   ○ Over 20 exclusive recipes you won't find anywhere else

   ○ Instant access: no waiting for shipping + no shipping fees

   ○ Both metric and imperial units of measure 

   ○ Clickable links to available YouTube recipes 

A delicious arsenal of recipes from breakfast through to desserts. Easy to refer to on your phone, tablet or computer while cooking in the kitchen! 

For a limited time only. 

What's exclusive? 

Included in the E-book are over 20 exclusive recipes we haven't shared anywhere else:

   ○ 4 breakfast recipes 

   ○ 4 snack recipes

   ○ 2 salad recipes

   ○ 1 condiment recipe

   ○  4 side dish recipes

   ○ 6 main meal recipes

   ○ 4 dessert recipes  

In addition to your 20+ exclusive recipes, there are even more recipes in the E-book that you might not see on our blog. Here's why: 1) we've also included "exclusive recipes" we've shared only with our newsletter subscribers; 2) we've also included the 8 recipes we're planning to share in our two up-coming YouTube videos. So this way, you get to see them first! 

Calorie information?

We don't provide exact nutritional content as it's not in our philosophy to monitor specific nutrients or calories (unless there is a medical reason for it). If you really want to calculate the calories or macros of a particular recipe, you may consider using an online diet analysis software. 

How to download? 

Upon purchase, you'll be directed to a page where you can download your E-book. You will also be sent an email with access to these links; in the same email you'll be told on which pages you can find the exclusive recipes. Don't see the email? Check your junk/spam folder.


Please note, the E-book file size is quite large given the number of photos. For that reason, we offer four download options: best quality for computer, good quality for computer, phone and tablet friendly, and printer friendly (no colour/pictures). You'll have access to all versions. The higher quality options are more suited to laptop or desktop downloads, and may not open on most phones or tablets, even if sufficient space is available

Gluten-free options? 

Plenty of the recipes are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free by simple substitution. We indicate whether this is the case for each recipe with a small GF symbol. For those with allergies to soy and nuts, we also indicate if a recipe is, or can be made, "soy-free" or "nut-free". 

Refund policy?

Since E-books are intangible and can be downloaded at anytime after purchase, they are considered "used" on purchase, and we cannot accept any request for refunds or exchange. If there was a purchasing error or you're having problems with your download, email us at info@pickuplimes.com and we'll help you get it sorted. 


No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the copyright owner. We've poured so much hard work and and love into this project, thanks for supporting us with it!

don't have a credit card. Is there another way to get the E-book? 

In many countries, it's possible to create a PayPal account without needing a credit card. All you need to do is link and confirm your bank account with them. 

Why a limited time? 

We wanted to create a E-book to celebrate our up-coming 3 year PUL anniversary. A place where we could compile and see all our recipes to date in one place. We're super proud of it! At some point in the new year (we don't know when as of yet) we're going to take it down. By then, there will be new recipes we've shared on the blog, and those won't be in the E-book, so no point keeping it around much longer. 

Can I get the book as a physical copy instead of an electronic E-book? 

One day in the future, we hope to publish a physical cookbook. For now, we're eager to share this book in electronic form. It's easy to refer to while cooking on your phone, tablet or computer, and is a great choice for those who want to limit printed goods where possible. You can always print select pages yourself at home. 

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