Sometimes it feels like in order to eat healthy we have to dedicate most of our waking hours to meal planning, grocery shopping, learning how to cook, and spending all of our time in the kitchen slaving over a hot oven or stove. It doesn't help that...

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Weight loss diets are all the rage these days but tricks, gimmicks, and money-grabs are abound. If you've fallen into a weight-loss trick or gimmick, don't give yourself a hard time. Most people have at one point or ano...

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How many times in the last month have you finished dinner, only to find yourself looking in the fridge or pantry for something else to eat not long after? More times than you can count?

Maybe you've been told: just bru...

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Finding time to eat well can be very difficult these days. Everything is important enough to require your maximum effort and attention: make time to exercise daily; spend more time your friends and family; get the hig...

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Binge eating. It's an uncomfortable topic for many people, and something that a lot of people struggle with. Even if it's not something you do regularly, feeling a "loss of control" around food is certainly something...

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There's something about drinking a smoothie that feels like you're instantly nourishing every one of your 37 trillion cells. As nourishing as it, there are ways to make it even healthier:

1. Nature's Candy

Forget adding...

Calcium in the plant-based diet is a hot topic. 

What are the sources? Do you get enough? Are they as easily absorbed?

Let's answer these questions and more... 

Calcium in Brief

Calcium is a mineral found in food. It's important to obtain from the diet f...

Tired of the yo-yo eating habits every holiday season?

Don't worry... we've all been there. 

Let's keep weight loss off the New's Years Resolution List this year with these quick nutrition tips. 

 5 Quick Holiday Nutrition Tips For Healthy Eating

Tip 1:...

The Breakdown

There’s a fair bit of ground to cover so we’ll take it step by step. The posts on osteoporosis have been separated into several articles to to provide you with the most vital information in a way that is easy to read and navigate through...

What is this heavenly drink? What is it made from? Why drink it, if at all? 

Let explore the answers to these questions... 

The Basics

Kombucha: Defined

Kombucha is a refreshing, slightly sweet and slightly carbonated beverage made from sweetened te...

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