Cold weather and I don't jive. 

I read somewhere (and I totally believe this) that there are not four seasons in a year, but actually two: hard coconut oil and liquid coconut oil. 

I need to be living somewhere where only liquid coconut oil exists. The...

This is one of my go-to lunches. Yum!

Whole grains: check (bread) 

Legumes: check (hummus)

Whole-food fat source: check (avocado & olives) 

Veggies: check (spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes) 

Delicious: check

Nutritious: check

Devoured: check

This sandwich is sup...

Happy new year, friends!  

Let's start the year off right and be realistic about our food-related New Year's Resolution this time, okay?Cross off "diet" or "weight loss" from the list... or any other super-strict orders you're demanding of your...

What do you do when you find yourself with leftover mashed potatoes? 

Eat it, of course! 

Here's one new way you can do that, instead of simply heating it up and eating it plain (not that there's anything wrong with that... mashed potatoes are the best...

I love it when this happens: I don't know what I want to make for dinner, open the fridge and notice I have some beans and/or lentils soaking.

Twice a week I add a cup of raw legumes to a bowl of water and leave it in the frid...

I'm one of those people that remembers music lyrics after listening to a song once. This is a skill I’d almost rather not posses as I often blurt out one-liners in random settings and often with complete strangers. Last week I was chatting with a cow...

When asked, “what is your favourite vegetable?” I feel very few people pick cauliflower. It’s okay – it’s not on the top of my list either. My favourites are always the starchy ones: yams, sweet potatoes, or regular potatoes. The runners up are proba...

Sometimes I buy greens like celery, cilantro, parsley and mint and use it all up in a salad or make a divine green juice with it. But more often than not I have a tendency to buy too much and fear it will not make it’s way into my belly before turnin...

So simple and so delicious. If you aren’t making your beans from scratch, this recipe will take 5 minutes from start to finish. That’s it! This stew is usually served alongside a traditional Afghan rice dish, but that’s optional. I could easily eat t...

The 4 Cs: Cauliflower, Chickpea, Coconut, Curry. You know how some people get noodle cravings, or sushi cravings, or burger cravings? I get curry cravings. Warmth, bold spices, depth of dimensions in flavours. Oh and the aroma! I honestly think India...

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