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Currently, this is my breakfast almost every morning. If not for breakfast, I have a smaller version as a snack. 

How lucky am I? 
Okay minus the chocolate. That's only on special occasions. I just thought it made the pic...

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Binge eating. It's an uncomfortable topic for many people, and something that a lot of people struggle with. Even if it's not something you do regularly, feeling a "loss of control" around food is certainly something...

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Muesli is a very widely consumed product in the Netherlands, from what I gather.

I always thought granola and muesli were the same, but I learned very quickly that must not be the case. Nearly no Dutch person I'...

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There's something about drinking a smoothie that feels like you're instantly nourishing every one of your 37 trillion cells. As nourishing as it, there are ways to make it even healthier:

1. Nature's Candy

Forget adding...

Aside from the Peanut Butter & Banana Green Smoothie I posted previously, this is probably the smoothie I make the most often. 

Creamy, naturally sweet, and chocolate-y. 

You seriously won't believe it's good for you. 

A little tip to make your smoothie...

It's January!

If you're living in the northern hemisphere that might mean it's cold. It's cold here in the Netherlands, anyway. We just had our first snowfall a couple days ago! 

Luckily it's been years since I've been sick; I attribute this mostly to...

Today I post my first YouTube video: yay!

This has been in-the-making for some time... I'm so elated!

Without further ado, here it is: 

You might be noticing I post a fair number of recipes with beetroot. There used to be a time when I hated this vegeta...






That's how'd I describe this salad. 

It can be served as a side or a main meal. 

Juicy oranges. 

Crisp vegetables. 

Warm quinoa. 

Hearty chickpeas. 

... and saucy a dressing?

Yes please! Yumm-o! 

 This post will re...

Happy new year, friends!  

Let's start the year off right and be realistic about our food-related New Year's Resolution this time, okay?Cross off "diet" or "weight loss" from the list... or any other super-strict orders you're demanding of your...

Calcium in the plant-based diet is a hot topic. 

What are the sources? Do you get enough? Are they as easily absorbed?

Let's answer these questions and more... 

Calcium in Brief

Calcium is a mineral found in food. It's important to obtain from the diet f...

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