Soaking has been a method used for centuries by indigenous populations all over the world. Our ancestors may not have known the biochemical reasons for why this was the best practice, but they continued to soak their nuts, seeds, beans and grains to...

Mmmmm comfort. I don’t know about you but what I want more than a bubble bath, fuzzy socks, and a heavy blanket on a cold and damp day is a generous bowl of some hearty red lentil soup. It’s like a hug, but in a bowl. 

Dietitian's Recognitio...

My parents incorporated loads of vegetables in cooked meals while I was growing up. I'm not saying I was good at eating it, I'm just saying they tried... and I guess I tried too sometimes. But one thing I seldom did was eat vegetables in its raw form...

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Ooey-Gooey Cinnamon Buns

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